toyota ae86 levin trueno specialist–kazuo Kuroyanagi

google search input AE86+levin+tag such as

Of late small bulletin boards and forums of mine as to 1984-1987 AE86 levin ads are not working–just glance over our home at which several AE86 levin hatch back and trueno hach back MTs. Buyers seems not understand auction grade even if I told you tons of times–forget about auction grades which shows only body surface. Did you get it, folks.
What count is my mechinics experience and skills so far as for judge if this AE86 is good conditioned or bad. Some are head gasket blown off and some are radiator water leaks which are not indicated in each auction sheet. The worse case is that engine metal noise in crank portion–this is out of auction inspection. Km does not matter either. Everday ex-owners’ car maitance. Short km AE86 levin sometimes are almost near junk, but the auction grade was 3.5 What the hell is that? Inspect AE86 on the spot–my policy of business.

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AE86 photos

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