NISSAN S CARGO,mechanics judge and go

1989 NIssan s cargo At AC PS 100,000km fob japan Yen280,000


Really for forget about auction grade system, reasoning that auction sheet shows only body surface.

What count is keen eyes and experience of mechanics-valve noise, crank metal noise, no engine blowing rising, (raidator water leaks, head gasket blown off, alternator voltage–these is fatal for overseas transport)(sometimes forklift work on them to be transferred–)Inspection on auction spot is quite important.–my homepage shows them all the time,


(please bookmark our URL, because keywords and tags application is very complicated of late,so
page ranking is moved exessively, then it follows that you do not know where our page is.
KEYWORD ASSISTANCE =”TAG” “NISSAN”  “FIGARO”+”BLOG” Blog, tag, as keward is
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Once you put blog, you can pick up blog site. Without the word “blog’, your search range get norrow down.

fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403  Parts  —4-10 ton truck


google tag new conception such as




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