It is the Yahoo used car auction agent term

Yahoo car auction

Some used cars are Yahoo agaent cars, while some are my stocks.

You advance car cost at leaset for my bidding in the Yahoo car auction, reasoning that

I work on your agent, my markup fixed

Before my bidding, your bank wire transfer must reach to my bank account.

Before the bidding, I finish inspection.

Inspection site is not too far from Nagoya city, otherwise back and forth
trasnport fee will be mounted.

If I cannot win in the bidding, select next car, then next bidding right away.

Beforehand I wil let you know the used cars going rate_my bidding range.

If you need used cars cheaper, tel inspection availalbe instead of going the selles site.

Mt IDs–2, passport and the Japanese driver&s license.

Pick up your preferred used cars in the Yahoo car auction, then let me know about it.
I work on you aget. The agent work work is booking vessel, prepare all export papers nd pass the car paper

and Bill Of Lading .

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One Response to “It is the Yahoo used car auction agent term”

  1. we need corolla,corolla ban,townace,mazda dump 3.5
    please send us ur price list by email,we have yard in yatomi nagoya
    we need the cars in japan.


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