toyota hiace vans wagon sale Japan diesel cif mombasa dar-es-salaam

2012 NOV.

1994 toyota hiace van diesel model-LH123V AT PS 2.8 diesek 280,000km around.


2011 JUNE   1997 KZH100 super custom offer 97,000km around


Use search box all the time for other hiaces then right down there


2000 toyota hiace van LH178V 3 seater MT 230,000km C&F mombasa7,520.-
2001 toyota hiace van LH172V 3 seaters MT 240,000km around  7,520.-
1995 toyota hiace van MT LH113V 200,000km 2.8D 9,500.-



the details and photos to the above.

LH109V, KZH100G,KZH106, LH119,LH113V. super GL and super custome wagons etc.


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