1999 Nissan Skyline R34 BNR34 RB26DETT GTR 4wd sale japan import


2019/Feb. Of late GoogAI robot is very very dreadful, reasoning I cannot now at what is again guide line at all.

Very dread full, so for all importers.We have stock of 1999 BNR34 GTR v-spec ii in sydny 70,000.-

Condition;shinny, Nothing more to bedesired. I can give you good price. photos right away soonest possible

becuse right Aus forwarding agetn stays now, then I have to take it out from the forwarding agent yard.

I do not put the ULL of mine, because If I do domething wrong, randk down possiblity.

Pease require me the photos. I send them for the intersted part soon.


2017  Auction agent car

100ops 1999 Nissan skyline BNR34 GTR 6MT 67,000km around. V-spec. Mods details as per down—

engine concerns;
OS giken RB30 engine
Casted 22 pistons.
H surfaced casted conrod
full countered crank shaft 86mm stroke
RB30 cylinder block
Nissmo strengthened main metal.
Conrod metal for Nissan pulsar GTIR use
Special timing belt for this RB30 engine
Special aluminum slide cam pully
Strengthened head stud volts.
Strengthened crank bearing cap stud volts and Nuts.
Strenthened washer
Speciall metal gasket 1.2mm
New engine block cylinder–Head fully procesed.
Cylinder head surface polished.
In face skish procesed.
Combustion chamber processing and adjusted to the capacity
Sheet cut and vlaves polished
Tomei procam(IN270 lift 10.8 camshaft)
Tomei procam(EX270 lift 10.8 cam shaft)
Tomei vlve spring
Tomei valve lifter
JUN make copper valve guides
ATI crank dumper pullu
HKS big capacitied oil pump.
N1 water pump
RB26 aluminum light weight crank timing belt pully
trust water pump pully
Trust alternator pully
Kansai service original big capacitied oil pan.
Kansai service original oilpan buffle plate.
Kansai service original oil guage(from JZA80)
Kansai service oil catch tank.
cam cover and timing belt cover plating processed
Kansai service carbon keplar plug cover
Kansai service carbon keplar front cover.
Nismo make strengthened engine mount.
Engless-big surge tank
Naprec big single trottle
Billon power steering tank


Turbin concerns;
APEXi RXTCW77 racing twin turbo
Orinal exhaust manifold
APEXi westgate

Fuel concerns:

US Racingsports 1200cc injevtors.
HKS fuel deliveryline
Tomei fuel regulator
Kansai service fuel collector tank.
HKS ful pumps 2pcs
BOSCH fuel poump and addional collector tank.

Cold function concerns;

HKS 3 layered intercooler
HKS intercooler pipings
HKS 15 staged oilcooler-in the left side bumper
HKS 12 stated oil cooler in the right side bumper
ARC SMC55 core radiator
ARV swirl pod
BILLON low tempreture sermo
HKS radiator capN15 and electric fan


AMUSE full titan front pipe
AMESE full titan muffler

Getlag 6MT
Camerado CS quick shift
ATS metal triple clutch
NIsmo big opearation linder
Cusco type RS one way front LSD
Nismo strengthened diff mount


Break concerns:
AP racing 6PD CP5555 front caliper
DIXEL 355 pai front break rotor
AP racing 4PD CP5200 rear caliper
DIXEL 330 pao rear break rotor
AUTOSELeCT big diametered master cylinder
Stainless mesh break hoses
ACRE Racing breaking PUDS.


Suspension concerns.

HKS 4way dumper coi over kit
Knsai service strengthened stablizer
IKEYAFOMULA front pilo upper link
MANATEE front pilo lower arm
IKEYAFOMULA rear lower arm
Cusco rear upper arum
NAGISAAUTO?rear member rigid weling processed
Kansai service rear member plates added adn strengthened
NISMO rear member brace
Kansai service high cas cancell lot


AUTOSELECT strong support
MIDORO alluminu cross bar
Kansai service front towerbar
Kansai service 7 points roll cage

Wheels and tires:
front goodyear RS sport 265/35-18
Rear advan neoba 265/35-18

HKS F-con V-pro(Advance Tomei-setting on the spot)
HKS mixture controller
Blitz dual SBC boodt controller
HKS turbo timer
HKS camp 2
Nismo 320km full scale meter
NEKO AF-700 meter


Nismo tune front bumper
NISMO side step
Nismo rear under
NISMO carbon rear diffuser fin
NISMO side turn smoke lense
NISMO front bumper smoke winder
AUTOSELECT/front wide fnder
AUTOSELECT/Carbon bonette


MOMO high teck dry carbonfull backet seatx2
BNR34 V-spec 2 standdard pedal set
MOMO/trekR steering wheel
NISMO titan shift nob



1999 Nissan skyline BNR34 GTR R34 MT 2.6 4wd. engine rb26dett

(tt means twin turbo),100,000km around just. Timing belt replaced.

Our stuff inspect GTRs all right folks, engine sudden high RPM must be good, drive shaft–good, Speed meter lqiquid panel must be good.BNR34’s LCD panels screen are easy to broken. turbin good.

This is normal BR34, so modified BNR34 GTR like 800ps

drag R3(single turbin–T88 or T87 34D turbin” is inspected by our mechanic utilizzing data looger. Just depend on us, we re much much mechanical oriented car exporter.

this BNR34 GTR must be checked by our mechanics.
normal twin turbos RB26dett, Timing belt already changed.

this is me, 66 years, Karate 4 stage grade, right is minamilanka Intyernational ,President.170804_120526_01

Quater miles is over 9 seconds note. Less then 9 seconds quarter miles GTRs must equip T88 single turbin

Uoops!! Excuse me this is R35 nissan GTR, woring photo, sorry

LCD scree is easy to be broken note, replace please if broken, Yen150,000.- to Yen200,000.- around

Addinal meters are very shinny Ha! USA T-ford supercharger get surprised,too.

This is so-called RB streight 6along with very specific engine sounds

It is brembo it goes wihtout say that–

neeighborhood senery around my home in japan170730_161018_01



Just dis-regard truck photos :I cannot erase it, sorry to say.

we are export in used 10 ton truck tipper




1999 Nissan skyline R34 model:BNR34 tein turbo MT 31,000km around. Very good working condition.

apec fc commander, Reimax Muffler, coli overs

recaro bucket seat, Nismo spoiler, Strengthened radiator



1999 skyline gt-r 91,000km around.

The condition as it is–good.

Sudden high RPM--good by one push pedal. The drive shaft--good

Sudden high RPM–good
by one push pedal. The drive shaft–good

GTR's weak point breaks down easy in panel, but this one good

GTR’s weak point breaks down easy in panel, but
this one good

No wound back for gurantee.

No wound back for gurantee.

No better buy for wound up BNR34 GTR such as sometimes 320km speed replacement.

In order to disguise total speed kms, 320 will lbe utilized from time to time note.

GTR needs brembo to be stopped

GTR needs brembo to be stopped



2001 BNR34 GTR MT 113,000km around 2.6G

Rb26dett 4WD, Engine, mission good workingcondition.

Piston rings--good. Accelatio response good. High rpm right away

Piston rings–good. Accelatio response good.
High rpm right away

Gear change--smooth operation. Drive shaft--good, Radiaator water color--good.

Gear change–smooth operation. Drive shaft–good, Radiaator water color–good.

Twin turbins --good. Idling stable--good.

Twin turbins –good.
Idling stable–good.

fob Japan USD29,000.- for one week validity.

Payment;full C&F your country, or no business.



1999 BNR34 GTR 2.6 RB26dett MT 120,000km around.

V-spec BNR34 GTR,

V-spec BNR34 GTR,

1999 nissan skyline gtr r34 bnr34 v spec 2.6 rb26dett for sale in japan used 120k-1 v-spec

Specs mods;

Doluck front bumper

Bomex side skirt

NIsmo rear-under spoiler

Tomei full titan racing Muffler
Tomei full titan catalic convertor streight
Cusco coil overs street Zero A
Impul front pipe
Greddy complete suction kits
ARC inter-cooler
DRL racing radiator
Silicorn radiator hose
N1 water pump
Impul ECU
Nismo Kapper mix twin clutch
Endless break pads CC-RD front end
Dixel slid rotor end front




1999 NIssan skyline gtr r34 (engine rb26dett) MT6 120,000km around

fob Japan USD31,000 120,000 around.
specs–HKS power flow, Reimax muffler, Apexi FC commander EVC-R

HKS coil overs, Greddy brake caiper,

Carbon, bonnette,

1999 nissan skyline r34 bnr34 gtr rb26dett 2.6 for sale in japan 120k

1999 nissan skyline r34 bnr34 gtr rb26dett 2.6 for sale in japan 120k-1



1999 BNR34 skyline GTR 71,000km around.

Nismo meter, Nismo suspension.

1999 nissan skyline rb26dett 2.6 sale japan bnr34 gtr

fob Japan Yen3,155,000.-

Compression will be inspected and charged separately

MFD function also will be inspected. If MFD get breaks down, pretty expensive note/

MFD funtion must work perfect as it is in our export case

If vertical line will appear on LED, it will be near breling down.

Brand MFD is pretty expensive note(I can buy one unit used car(not gtr).

We handle used and brand new MFD



2001 bnr34 gtr 60,000km around, blue, lots mods(details to you for your requirements) fob Japan USD42,470.- photos available,
60,000km around. Location–Nagoya, Japan.

If you woule likt to drive it, You must be in Nagoya.

Our mark-up USD2,000.- per BNR34 GTR.

My advise better get accidented historied BNR34 GTR and you drive it all by youself

if the car get vivlations or not in a high speed. NO vivrations means big deal, reasoning the frame modifier worked well. Until you drive it, you are not beable to recognize if BNR34 GTR has high speed vivrations or not>

all BNR34 GTR from professional used cars auctions note, not my stocks


fob japan USD38,950.- photos available now 2013/DEC.

Ask us.  Accidented repair, but no vivlations in high speed–checked out

already. Photos




2002 BNR34 GTR 2.6G, 84,000km around fob Japan 2.955,500.-

Nismo intercooler, Kakimoto muffler, Kisenon lights, Keless.

Photos to ask us,please. Photos photos Photos.


1999 skyline BNR34 GTR 55,000km around

fob japan USD26,800.- Photos available right away.
Pay,emt:full TT advance.

FRP bonnette, Fujitsu power gateer?

+Muffer, cilovers, and HDD navigations system

Volk te37 18 AWs, The color–white,



1999 BNR34 GTR 78,000km real meter. fob Japan USD33,000.- offer.

Valid within one week, photos available, Ask. cokow- Blue-

USD33,000 price negotiable within your full cash payment.

I can supply any angles photos which you request note.


(offer)-2013 FEB.25.

2000 BNR34 GTR 119,000km around fob Japan USD26,600.-

Photos available.

Gun metalic, Carbon bonnette,

Photo,   Photo    Photo, Photo.

The condition–good working.


Offer (2013 Feb.25)

1999 NIssan skyline GTR model BNR34 280,000km around. Engine,
mission good working condition fob Japan USD19,500.-

Photos available now. Photos–1,2,3,4,


( I get hard time to inform you of my homepage haveing been updated,

because SNS’s RSS has problem by cancellation web page navigation;)




Commission of mine 3 % for C&F amount of

MOre or less fob Japan USD36,000.- around.

FOB does not included shipping charge note.


2013 mods http://wp.me/pg0YO-1k0
2012 NOV.

1999 skyline R34 GTR available now–Can send you photos. 74,000km around. black.

fob japan USD38,000.-


2012 July offer

2000 Nissan skyline

Model-BNR34 GTR.


Condition–good working condition, export excution item-

Payment–full advance. small agent fees.

2011 May.

Americans are not permitted to buy this car by law and by Mr Obama, so better take 25-year-old skyline.(But one time I exported one unit into uSA–It was nuissant job. I must took off ECU from BNR34 GTR and put skyline into container or something, because skyline was not permited by roro vessel .


Tish one might be suitable to you. 1999 BNR34 GTR



2010 April offer

I work on between dealer any you. I can verify each price. You come over to Japan with full payment. fob Japan Yen4 million to 6million around. 8000km and 17,000km BNR34 GTR.

I can send you photos anyway before you come over here.



2010 Mar 15 offer fob Japan Yen3,900,000.- bnr34 GTR color–blue



2010/feb.16 offer


1999 BNR34 GTR which is totally different from the down-noted BNR34, km get same anyway in both-BNR34 GTR


1999 BNR34 skyline GTR sale model;BNR34 280ps, 6MT, full-normal.

100,000km around. Very good condition. RB26DETT–engine original.

1999 BNR34 GTR 100k

1999 BNR34 GTR 100k-1

We can send you tons of photos which were take by my own camera.

It goes without saying that it is good corking condition. not cheap, though

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
tel fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403  for established customer only

E-mail first, come that may, Direct call later,please,but established customer.
In google search, you better put the word (japan), because we sell in Japan


HKS japan    http://www.hksjapan.co.jp/

Trust Co.   http://www.trust-power.com/

NISSAN MOTOR CORPORATION    http://www.nissan.co.jp/EN/







NISSAN MOTOR CORPORATION    http://www.nissan.co.jp/EN/
HKS japan    http://www.hksjapan.co.jp/

Trust Co.   http://www.trust-power.com/

Apexi Corporation   http://www.apexi.com/

Brembo japan    http://www.brembo.com/JPN/

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37 Responses to “1999 Nissan Skyline R34 BNR34 RB26DETT GTR 4wd sale japan import”

  1. hey i was wondering if you can send me more picture and how much is it ( Canadian money ).



    • Subejct–BNR34 GTR NIssan skyline

      Thanks for inquiry, but I cannot help you, reasoning that CA usedcar import regulation is up to 1994 moddel. Up to 1994 skyline GTR is model BNR32 GTR only, Zack.


      Kazuo Kuroyanagi


  2. seriously! how much?????~!~?!?1 this thing is amazing!!!!!!!! i hope its manual


  3. Other offer,
    1999 slyline

    Mdel’BNR34 2.5G RB26DETT,
    Color-whitle, 4WD.
    120,000km around.
    FPB Japan YEn2,279,000.-sharp,
    Photos available, we can rush them to you.


  4. email me id like to make an offer


  5. i wanna buy your ride at around $35,500.00


    • Thanks, Brgtres,
      Your offer to buying price means pretty short km BNR34 GTR I am sure. What is your contry,please?
      USA–NO export note. I have lots brains to search BNR34 soon, used car broker who work fo me with low margin.
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi


  6. Hi,

    We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports.
    We are in need of buying cars as our business is growing.But, we are in a sort of confusion as that should we go for used or new cars. So, Can anyone please advice us looking at cost and also other factors which is the best option for us.

    Thank you


  7. Wow! This Perfect to make NISMO Z-TUNE again! But wait!!! Is this a V-SPEC?


  8. DigitalPirate Says:

    How much were you looking at for the 100,000km Skyline?


  9. Hello, First of all, what a interesting blog! i am in the process of researching for my wordpress blog but i had trouble reading this article because the text protruding in to the side menu…. edit… apologies, my fault, its my ancient version of chrome causing the fault. Might be worth asking people to update. Cheers.


  10. Kristoffer Lao Says:

    im from the philippines, please send me pics of the skyline r34 gtr skyline available, and how do we ship to manila, philippines, thanks


  11. My country is INDONESIA. Have u ever make a transaction over to this country. If you had, please tell me the procedure. I am looking to import for personal use, a 2 door GTR 34 manual, any year, any colour, but a serious modification desired minimum 700 hp at the wheel with necessary upgraded parts done to support that much horsepower. Please respond, thx.


  12. can you shift this to philippines.and by the way how much is the price of this thing:)


  13. can you find and sent any used parts in good condition for a 34gtr for example getrag gearbox?? and for how much?


  14. Anthony Roman Says:

    Hello, im intrested in getting a 1999Nissan Skyline GTR R34. I live in new york but i can get it shipped to florida and drive it down how much would it cost for everything.


  15. Looking for BNR32 RB26DETT GTR for complete chassis and drivetrain swap.I’m Canadian, and live on West Coast.Can you buy a wrecked car or how much for a running complete car in Canadian or US dollars?


    • thanks, If you live inthe US, no chance for you.
      If you live in Candada, chance for you.
      Wrecked BNR32 is more expensive than complete BNR32. Need forklift and trucks.
      Answer US or Canada,please.
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi


  16. Im looking to buy a gtr r34, to import to Toronto Canada. I will need help bringing the car over.


    • Thanks for BNR34 skyline gtr all the way from Canada.
      I keep on exporting your keep on saying how much your target price be.Do you have your target price (final destination:Vancouver, Canada)?Canadian bound will be 1997 and down, reasoning of Canada used car import regulation.
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi


      • Toronto, Canada and I only want a R34 gtr skyline. I just sold my r32. My target is around the $30,000 to $35,000 Range and I believe the first year R34 is 1999. There is already some down here and registered, So there is a way, please let me know thanks!


  17. engine villarino Says:

    interesting a R34 GTR for SHOW and DISPLAY…currently in the US(chicago)around $30-35k us dollar.thanks email me


    • thanks for inquiry r34 gtr nissan,
      If high km around 200,000 around, may be possible to export to you. Be advised that you better not care for the outer surface of gtr. what counts is engine itself.
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi


  18. please send a list of cars and info/ picks with prices, looking for 1999 plus gtrs


  19. Are there any 1999 r34 gtr’s for sale in around 20,000$ USD?


  20. brother Says:

    HI I want to ask do you have a skyline vpec nur 2 and how long it takes to ship here in Australia


  21. kurtcade Says:

    im interested in gtr r34.. how long it takes to ship here in the philippines? and how much is the shipping? Tnx!


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