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2011 May

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=1991 Mazda titan 2 ton long flatbed MT model WGT4T, 4.0D


As to bangladesh, chittagong used truck exportations, that will be fine anytime, but bank TT advance only. Please make final discharge Port, S’gapore, then you agent or axxociate re-export used trucks to Chittagong. Your advance pay belong to fro Japan to S’gapore passage, while your responsibility from S’gapore to Chittagong belong to your responsibility, of course

you must utilize D/P or D/A or L/C system for Bangladesh custom house, reasoning that Irevocable L/C cannot work for used cars and trucks concept which is commonsense for International trader pro. If the covering merchandise are brand new cars and truck, that will be fine to us via L/C.


Please read about this statement http://wp.me/pfC9D-qH this one 4 ton, so expensive not suitable to African contires–C&F Africa over USD20,000.- ;note, next is  http://wp.me/pg0YO-yI  Please read well if you do need tipper dump truck.

Isuzu, Mitsubishi tipper dump truck is the most expensive, UD tipper truck a bit cheaper.

3 ton tipper is cheaper than 4 ton, 2 ton tipper truck is cheaper than 3 ton tipper


2010 May 22, Used dump truck 2 ton is around fob Japan USD5,800.– aroun now

1990-1992 around.

auction going rate.  If Mazda double cab dump truck tipper, a bit cheaper. Isuzu dump truck tipper is more expensive than that of Mazda. 3.0D, but 4.0D dump truck is higher than 3.0D.

1983,1984 mazda dump truck tiper is the cheapest so far.  Please indicate which contry please,

Jevic, JAAI inspection will chraged, depending on contry. if 3 ton, by far more expensive than that of 2 ton Mazda, so better ask your budget range. 3 or 4 ton sump truck is pretty expensive.

Not suitaable to African contry. 2 ton is the best note.


1987 Mazda titan dump truck sale MT MOdel;WEFAT 3.0D 120,000km around. tipper. General rusts, but engine, mission working condition.

1987 titan dump 120k-a

1987 titan dump 120k-1-b

1987 titan dump 120k-2

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Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403


MAZDA MOTORS CO       http://www.mazda.com/



11 Responses to “#mazda #titan #tipper #for-sale #aus bound #dumper some are #mombasa bound”

  1. Love the dump truck. Very nicely done. Thanks for posting.


  2. I am looking for a cab like this one can i get a price for it in dollars and can it be shipped to Port-Of-Spain Trinidad & Tobago thank you.


  3. Hi, i own a transport company in Gibraltar and i am looking for used 3 ton tipper trucks, do you have any and whats th best prices?

    Kind Regards

    Dean Chipolina


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  7. K M Darare Says:

    Hie,whats the best price for 1991 WGT4T,4.0D mazda titan truck


  8. how much is mazda titan


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