1999 toyota hiace Van LH172V sale import japan diesel CIF mombasa dar-es-salaam


2001 toyota hiace van refrigerant refrigeration freezer AT

163,000kms around

Good working conditions.

Modell;LH172V 3000 diesel.

toyota hiace van refrigerated refrigeration lb172 for sale in japan

3.0 diesel


toyota hiace 2001 refrigerated refrigeration freezer for sale in japan


hiace lh172v refrigerated refrigeration freezer van japan





1999 toyota hiace super gl 3.0 lh172V AT 210,000km around.

diesel 3.0. Good working condition



Departure, Nagoya Port in Japan

Departure, Nagoya Port in Japan



Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd, Nagoya city,japan

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd, Nagoya city,japan

1999 toyota hiace super gl 3.0 lh172V 210k for sale in japan diesel 2

2012 may


toyota hiace van hiace van CIF mombasa

2000 toyota hiace van LH178V 3 seater MT 230,000km C&F mombasa7,520.-
2001 toyota hiace van LH172V 3 seaters MT 240,000km around  7,520.-
1995 toyota hiace van MT LH113V 200,000km 2.8D 9,500.-


2010 July 8. ——————   http://wp.me/pg0YO-oF  ————

B)1999 toyota hiace van MT 4WD super GL model:LH178V 300,000km around 3.0D C&F

Mombasa, dar es salaam USD 6,800.-


A)1996 toyota hiace van MT 100,000km around–very very good condition C&F mombasa USD 8,400.- LH113V

But km are 300,000km around, C&F mombasa get down so much–cheap


1996 toyota hiace van LH113V sale 200,000km around At

C&F 5,800.- without inspections.

1996 hiace van DX long 2.8D model LH113V C&F USD5,850.-

2010 JUly 3. statement. SOLD-OUT


2002 toyota hiace van AT


240,000km around

C&F Mombasa, Dar es salaam USD 5,650.- without JPN inspections.




Model–LH172V. AT


140,000km around.

C&F mombasa, dar es salaam,USD5,650.- without Japan inspextions.


2002 hiace sale 3.0D Model:LH172V AT 130,000km around.


2010 June 16

2002 LH172V 3.0D AT 140,0000km

1999 LH172V AT 170k

1999 toyota hiace Van just low sale AT 170,000km Model’LH172V, 5 doors, 6 seaters.

Engine, mission good working condition.

1999 LH172V AT 170-1

1999 LH172V AT 170-2

Payment–bank wire transfer in advance only, otherwise no business please.

Rear tires are smaller than that of front tires.

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or answering machines working


Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

E-mail first,
Later on my mobile +81 80 4542 xxxx
Mobile is only for established customer onl


TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION     http://www.toyota-global.com/


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