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1981 BJ44V   http://wp.me/pfC9D-1ID

2017 updated.

1981 BJ44V


2011 NOv.

Kingpin of land cruiser   —-  bj46v  http://wp.me/pfC9D-1ID


Use search box for other land cruiser https://111kuroyanagi1.wordpress.com/
http://nagoyajapan1.wordpress.com/  then right down place

Perfect one is over fob Japan Yen1,000.000.- Rust stuff is under fob Japan Yen1,000,


2017 updated

1981 land c  BJ44V


1982 toyota landcruiserBJ44 3.2D MT 300,000km around, comparatively few rust conditions.


BJ41,BJ42,BJ43,BJ44 will be fob Japan 500,000.- to Yen600,000.- without any rust.

If rusted, fob Japan 350,000.- around(you repaint yourself-situation). The bove MODEL

belong to 3.2D or 3.0 note. BJ46 belong to 3.4D which is more expensive than BJ41 etc.

The market going rate  is just now April.29.2011


2011 April

1978 toyota landcruiser Model;BJ40V, or so-called–BJ40 or BJyonmaru–


we say BJ yonmaru in Japan, not overases. 22,000km around real meter. partly rusted.

2010 Mar 24. price differ for US, Canadian bound and UK bound note.

The condition–pretty good, Rust a few. Photos available right away.



1979 toyota landcruiser BJ41 MT4 PS AC AW 180,000km aorund 4MT

fob Japan Yen590,000.- 3.2D

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
tel fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403  for established customer only


E-mail first, come that may,  Direct call later,please,but established customer.
In google search, you better put the word (japan), because we sell in Japan.


3.2D and 3.4D BJ46 in price greatly difffer with each other note.

You can search them in the right search box such as BJ46 in this homepage.

3.2D is BJ41, BJ42,BJ43,BJ44, but BJ46 is only 3.4D 13BT.


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  1. Hi,
    Can you send me some information on this landcruiser and some more pictures particularly of the interior.
    Thank you.


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