toyota toyoace xzc605 4wd 4×4 2008 xzu368 dyna 2 ton truck sale BU306 import japan toyoace 2ton

2016/DEC toyota toyoace truck with refrigerator freezer 5MT

4.0 diesel. Model:XZC605

Good working conditions.

2016 toyota toyoace xzc605 4.0 diesel truck trucks referigerator freezer  for sale in japan


2016 toyota toyoace xzc605 4.0 diesel truck trucks referigerator freezer  for sale in japan


2016 toyota toyoace xzc605 4.0 diesel truck trucks referigerator freezer  for sale in japan


2008 toyota dyna 2 ton dump truck 5MT.

187,000kms around.

4000cc diesel.


Good working conditions.

My advice as per down

(Do not all the time stick around “Dyna”.  Dyna=Toyoace. toyota/dyna=toyota/toyoace.

Dyna is more expensive than that of toyoace in spite of functioning being same with each other.)

toyota dyna xzu368d 4.0 d diesel for sale in japan tipper dump truck


toyota dyna xzu468d tipper dump trucks for salejapan 2 ton


whie im at it, Isuzu tippe is better than toyota dyna tipper)note>

I work on used car export 40 years akready.


Our truck stocks belong mostly within 5 years since manufactured, 2,4,10,tons trucks

kazuo Kuroyanagi business car

Our factory Most trucks stocks isuzu CW concerns Hino

isuzu hino toyoace

used 10 ton trucks export sell in japan for sale

He is chief Mechanics within 6 ones. He took out tipper lifter 100% from the tipper(lifter oil leaks)

Our stocks

1o tonne crane lift cpacity 10 ton trucks for sale in japan

Towing truck with 10 ton lcrane lift cpacity



2008 toyota toyoace flatdeck truck 4wd model xzu368 4.0 diesel 120,000km around. 5MT, Mechanically good working condition.



toyota dyna 2 ton truck sale BU306 import japan –2013 update.

BU306 Dyna or  BU306 Hino get same note.

2002 toyota dyna 2 ton bottle truck=van available now.

Model BU306


1994 BU68 3.4D is a bit old for exporations.





Toyota 2 ton flat truck

Model -BU306


100,000km around

2001 BU306 3.7D 100,000km around

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 just leave your message
in the anserring machine

Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

E-mail first,
Later on my mobile +81 80 4542 xxxx
Mobile is only for established customer only


Comments  by Kazuo Kuroyanagi.


I am mechanics and trader.  why does engine breaks down so easily down there  in spite of  Japanese used truck?  Importers take it easily with C&F cheaper, while Japan exporter exportetr just like export cheap C&F. What about the final consumer who buy the trucks?

The final consumer use such dyna truck., at which mines firms work

exporter and importes are all real con.

Exthast presssure checked or not, blue smokes, raditor wanter tempreture,–they never care baotu theose, then real con BUSINESS. Whcen I visted Africa, I relized those matter.

After all inspections of used trucks,  exporters are situated to export such cars and trucks.

I get very angly for such wishy washy business in Japan.

1997 toyota dyna BU102D 4.1D dump truck tipper fob Japan USD6,000.-

1998,1997, toyota dyna cargo truck 2 ton 2 ton wide long fob Japan USD11,000.-

300,000km around and 250,000km around. 4.1D

1997 toyota dyna truck flatbed 4.1D 200,000km around 4WD,

BU182m BU172 4.1D fob Japan USD11,000.-

8 Responses to “toyota toyoace xzc605 4wd 4×4 2008 xzu368 dyna 2 ton truck sale BU306 import japan toyoace 2ton”

  1. linience charuma Says:

    how muchis this truck bu306?

  2. jubilee maposa Says:

    how much is that toyota dyna.l want it urgently

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  4. I would like to get the proforma for 3 2ton dump trucks to be shipped to Sierra Leone, West Africa, port, Freetown.
    please send me the proforma invoice
    Andrew kosia

  5. alec gaviro Says:

    i really need that car, how much is it?

  6. i would l;ike to know about toyota dyna spec mobdel bu176 and all 4 wheeler model that you know. if i need you to eksport the car i will contact you directly. please reply me as soon as possible

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