2009 2010 toyota allion sale srilanka colombo import japan NZT260 G-package

  • 2013

    ****for Srilankan importers, we have 2 agents in Srilanka and we have 2 firms in Japan. Any person working=Srilankans.
    Lauguage–Srilankans only. Payment terms-Half down in Srilandka and the other half by LC, no DP/DA.
    Estimates C&F Colombo right away. After your purchase decision, YOu call to them–Srilankans. Mr Mohomad in
    Japan or Mr Nawara in Japan, Either of the tow. Please inquire us, land cruiser, allion, KDH hiaces.



    NZ buyer are very welcome with cash. You can glance over several units to choose all the time.

    If you like, you can pick up 2010 landcruiser prado TRJ150W. all cars no accident histry note>


    Another allion offer here,too

    2010,2007, landcruiser prado here,too.

    Totally, 2007 allion–4 units

    2010,–1 units landcruiser-2007 2 units.

    I am also gem dealer, but no payment by heated srilankan ruby and saffire around 20CT,30CT,

    I buy only Myanmar no heat silk includtioned saffire and ruby.  http://wp.me/pfC9D-bX

    We keep on exporting allions and landcruisers to Srilankan gem dealers

    Acouple of units so far sold out note.



    toyota allion sale srilanka colombo import japan NZT260


    2007 model 20,000km around.

    We keep on exporting on and on,

    Paymeant system probaly deposit in Srilanka, but I must ask Ansa Mohomado first, who is my partner. our agnet exist in Srilanka.

    2007 ALLION 1.5G

    2007 ALLION

    ELECTRONICS KEY 20072007 nzt260 a15


    Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
    #510 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
    Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
    fax +81 52 803 1870
    tel +81 90-1417-1403
    https://111kuroyanagi1.wordpress.com/  http://bit.ly/aF65Er http://bit.ly/Yqobg
    http://nagoyajapan1.wordpress.com/   http://kuroyanagi1excavator.wordpress.com/ ————

    All the five photos are from 2 units allion car, but 2007 model

    2010 JUne–23>

    I saw other paper statement , at which say that srilanka tax slashes occured in imporations of used vehicles or something,



    Paymanet=Deposit half in Srilanka, and the half L/C. The srilankan folks take the first half deposit donw there. after L/C , we collect the latter half amount.


8 Responses to “2009 2010 toyota allion sale srilanka colombo import japan NZT260 G-package”

  1. rasika kaunarathna Says:

    CIF Price and other price’s when importing toyota Noha petrol vehical


  2. roshan gunaratne Says:

    hi i am looking for nzt 260 a15 g wine red with mutifunction should be 2008 or above for 1,750,000 jap jen , is it posible, money waiting

    thanks roshan


  3. azhar safwan Says:

    Please forward me the details and the proceedure for Allion 2007 NZT260 A15 including the price and your dealer/partner in sri lanka


  4. jksrimal perera Says:

    allion modells and now price…………..give mi send mi thank. you


  5. I want to import a sedan, Allion 2008 late/2009 early (color Meroon, Red, Green, Black) or a premio 2008 late/2009 early (color Meroon, Red, Green, Black).

    Can you let me know how long will it take to reach sri lanka with the present tsunami situation. Thank you


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