1991 toyota Land cruiser HZJ73 HZJ77 HZJ70 HZJ76 hzj77v import japan sale

1998 toyota land cruiser LX 4200 diesel AT fully loaded.

Good working conditions.

Model:HZJ73V series 70 3 door.

306,000kms around.

toyota land cruiser hzj73v 70 series 3 door for sale in japan


toyota land cruiser 70 series 3 door 4.2 d for sale in japan


toyota land cruiser hzj73v 4.2 d for sale in japan





1995 toyota land cruiser 5MT ZX 219,000kms around. 4WD

Model:KC-hzj73hv 4200 diesel.

Good working conditions.

toyota land cruiser hzj73hv zx for sale in japan


kc-hzj73hv for sale japan


toyota land cruiser hzj73


1995 toyota land cruiser 5MT ZX 4×4 4200 diesel

219,000km s around,

Good working conditions.



1992 toyota land cruiser MT 4.2 diesel. ZX.

The model:HZJ73V. Good working condition.



1991 Mar HZJ73hv AT toyota land cruiser AT 280,000.-

Good working condition.4wD. o time lag transmission. Emission color–good.

The drive shaft good. Engine start eight away with one click.


Piston good, emission color--good, The drive shaft--good, Transmission do not get the time lag

Piston good, emission color–good,
The drive shaft–good, Transmission do not get the time lag



1997 toyota land cruiser model:HZJ73V At 200,000km around 4.2 diesel.

Good working condition.

Engine Idling stable--good. Emission color--good.Piston rings good

Engine Idling stable–good.
Emission color–good.Piston rings good


the drive shaft--good. Transmission --good> No time lags.

the drive shaft–good. Transmission –good> No time lags.







2001 HZJ76V MT 135,000km around.



1999 land cruiser model- HZJ76V 198,000km around 4.2D AT


2012 Jan.

1995 toyota land cruiser model HZJ70 MT 170,000km around 4.2D

bit rusted, roof and right rear fender, engine, mission working good-conditions.



1994 toyota landcruiser model:HZJ77 5MT 147,000km around.

You can expect many rust, sorry tosay.

2011 April

1993 toyota landcruiser AT 124,000km aroudn ZX 4.2D



Other models, landcruiser HZJ77V, HZJ77HV–4.2D, HZJ76K–4.2D

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403

Reference to importers–The above used landcruiser are comparatively high-priced such as fob japan Yen1,000,000.- and over for sure, while other model landcrusier model HDJ81 etc are

sort of cheap being comapred with HZJ land cruisers concer

7 Responses to “1991 toyota Land cruiser HZJ73 HZJ77 HZJ70 HZJ76 hzj77v import japan sale”

  1. we dael with all kinds of cars ones the gorvernment order it or
    individuals and are seated at the seanter of the city of gabon
    orpreting with 3million usd

  2. Sergelenbayar Says:

    Dear sirs
    I am looking for Land cruiser 77
    Could you send me price

  3. giuseppe notaro Says:

    hello, have an Italian dealer of cars.
    I would be interested in buying toyota engines 4.2D, 4.2 turbo diesel 12 or 24-valve, 3.5 turbo, 3.0 turbo.
    aspect of its news.
    Best regards

    • Thanks inquiry–What is the engine model,please?
      AT or MT?
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi

      • giuseppe notaro Says:

        thanks for the swift response.
        In Italy, most of all have the 4×4 manual transmission.
        aspect of its news.

      • giuseppe notaro Says:

        hello ,
        here are some codes of Toyota engines that I would be interested:
        1Hz; 13bt; 1kz-t; 1kz-you; 1HD-FTE;

        waiting for a response to your kind Yours faithfully.
        Joseph Notaro

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