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(Auction agent truck with TT advance beforehand)-

1992  isuzu forward 3 staged boom 4.25t 7120cc model FSR32 HC, FSR32H,

It was fob Japan Yen840,000.- KM un-known terms


2011 Nov> Auction agent truck)

1992 isuzu elf wide model NPR66 LYR 4300cc diesel MT5 95,000km around.NPR66l

It was fob Japan Yen880,000.-


1997 isuzu forward box truck km-un-known speed meter reads 600,000km around.

model FRR33 L4 8,220cc-diesel. 4 ton load capacity.

fob japan Yen1,050,000.- (Photos available )


1997 Isuzu 120,000km, Engine-8,200cc (D) 4 stage boom 3t-crane.

MOdel FRR33 FOB Japan over 2,000,000.- Iron bed in the loading bed site.

Condition–high level good, As engine 8200cc, so not cheap,thugh.

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
tel fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403  for established customer only

E-mail first, come that may,  Direct call later,please,but established customer.
In google search, you better put the word (japan), because we sell in Japan.

4 Responses to “#Isuzu #forward #crane #trucks #Forsale #Japan”

  1. lawrence magawadela Says:

    what is your price for this 1997 Isuzu 120,000km,4 stage boom 3t-crane truck. can u please send me a free qoute CIF Durban and the other quotation CIF Beira

    • philip okot Says:

      what is your price for Isuzu 1997 4 stage boom 3t-crane truck.
      can you please send me it price.

      • Did you check out Mozanbique used truck import regulations Well?

        I do not think that 1997 model is valid to you.
        Probaly your contry will be within 5 years or something since manufactured date, but I am not suare of it.

        Kazuo Kuroyanagi


    Dear Sir,

    Please to contact you.
    We are looking for a used crane truck in a good condition and suitable price ( prefer to be a known trade mark for maintenance and spare parts ) .
    Capacity: 3 – 7 Tons kw.
    if you could supply us with the same please advise ASAP.
    We found that you had many interesting items and would like to have a complete list of avilable generators ( all marks ) .

    Thank you and best regards

    Ali MAHDI
    TEL: + 967 1 620728
    FAX: +967 1 620728
    Mobil : +967 777622882
    E-mail : trafficyemen@ymail.com

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