Burma bound cars 2011 last April photos

Handlings–Mercedes, isuzu trucks,CT197,LX90,115,110,

2005 MCU15W,big horn,,bus 48 seaters, 10 ton dump trucks,CE102G,V46, harriers,

Trucks tons in our stocks,


2011 6.Oct. V46,CE102G, JZX110/115,CRV We handle now C&F Yangon, Burma

LC is your job, That broker staying in S——-.No JPN bound Burma LC,please, resoning that

any Japanese bank accept Burma issued L/C note. In no time, Yangon bound vessel get to Yangon Port directly from Japan, container vessel, while mae sai tons used cars stopped in from of the border gate. That sad thing! We offer cars from our stocks, KZN185

We are versed in Yangon bound used cars, so just depnd on us. For the first I exported used cars to Burma, 1990. ke74V KE72V toyota corolla vans. Payment term is bank TT advance.

NO LC transactions. I do not have any experince of LC transactions with Burma car importers within 20 years. I am 60 year old boy, merried, Japanese.

Kazuo Kuroyanagi


These cars final destination is laem chabang, thialand via Mae sai not Mae sotte–tachileik–mogok area, and nayaseik area

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