2004 nissan caravan super long 3.0 diesel vwe25 for sale in japan

2017 NOV>

2004 Nissan caravan e25 3.0 diesel AT super long GX 325,000km around.

The model:VWE25.

Good working condition.

drive shaft–good.
PS–good. alternator–good

agent car Yen100,000.- per unit

fob Japan Yen amount before my bid arrival

NO deposit sytle, but pay fob japan in advance.

+- blance will be liquidated later on




2006 Nissan caravan DX AT –kms. 2.4G 10 seats.

Good working condition. I will let you know the kms and other photos for the interested paty



2003 nissan caravan AT 195,000km around 2.4G minor dents–a couple of

Good working condition–engine, drive shaft,










2003 Nissan caravan coach AT 90,000km around

model;QGE25 2.4G 10 seaters coach, Good working condition.

the drive shaft--good. Idling stable--good. Emission color--good

the drive shaft–good. Idling stable–good.
Emission color–good


transmission no tim,e lag

transmission no tim,e lag


2003 nissan caravan coach qge25 2.4 10 seaters super long for sale japan 90k-2


2003 model Nissan caravan 2.4G AT


10 seaters.

Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd Japan

#501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi

Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006


tel fax +81 52 803 1870(Appointment is must)





2 Responses to “2004 nissan caravan super long 3.0 diesel vwe25 for sale in japan”

  1. Its very neat i want to buy it

    • This 2003 model sold, instead,
      2002 24G 10 seaters AT 240,000km around.fob Japan usd3900.-
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi.
      Yodid not give us your e-mail, so I cannot send you the photos of 2002 caravan 10 seaters blue color

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