#1995 #toyota #land #cruiser #77 #HZJ77HV for #sale #japan


1996 toyotaland cruiser model HZJ77HV AT 4.2 diesel

252,000km around.

No black emission, drive shaft--good,

No black emission, drive shaft–good,

No transmissiion time lag. Idling stable --good

No transmissiion time lag. Idling stable –good

1996 toyota land cruiser hzj77 hzj77hv 4.2 diesel for sale japan 252k-2


1995, toyota land cruiser

Model–HZJ77HV, AT 4200cc, 4.2 diesel.

Km-un-known(The seller use this sort method sometimes in order to expect a bit higher profit, but

km-un-known JPN going market rates exsit, also)(Used 10 ton truck all the time km-un-known status in

professinal used trucks auctions–Japan is socialiszm–I never blame), Km is granteed, that is USA stysles).

Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd Japan #501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006 ks.nra30133@gmail.com tel fax +81 52 803 1870(Appointment is must)

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4 Responses to “#1995 #toyota #land #cruiser #77 #HZJ77HV for #sale #japan”

  1. Nkolola Hazemba Says:

    Indicate prices as well

  2. For the 1996 how much is it in US and what is the mpg. Is everything there and working

  3. is the car for sale

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