2012 mitsubishi fuso canter 4×4 4wd fda00 dump truck tipper fg538bd for sale in japan trucks

Mechanical oriented japanese used car exporter

What does count is engine rotations.Auction grade 4 cars sometime engine bad if oil not changed properly. Iexperimented car myself engine broken when I did not change oil 20,000kms


2013 Mitsubisi fuso canter 1.5 ton AT 4wd 124,000kms around.

Model:TPG-FDA00 4WD

Good working conditions.

3000cc diesel


2013 mitsubishi fuso canter FDA00 trucks for sale in japan


2013 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 1.5 ton TPG-FDA00 for sale in japan


tpg-FDA00 canter trucks for sale




2012 Mitsubishi fuso canter model FDA00 AT 3.6 diesel 162,000km around. 4×4. Mechanically good working conditions


4wd flatbed 2012





2000 Mitsubishi canter dump truck 4WD MT

FG50EBD 5200cc diesel.

Good working conditions.

mitsubishi canter fg50ebd tipper japan

model:FG50ebd 2 tonne.


canter 4wd dump trucks for sale in japan



fg50ebd tipper for sale japan


fg50ebd for sale in japan





1987 mitsubishi canter tipper 4wd tipper>

model:FG53BD, 105,000km around.

1987 mitsubishi canter fg335bd tipper for sale japan 100k

1996 mitsubishi fuso canter 4wd dump truck 180,000km around?

mitsubishi fuso canter dump truck tipper fg 538 fg538bd for sale japan

1995 model,

Mitsubishi fuso canter

2 ton capacity.

engine:4D35, 4wd,4×4, 131,000km around. diesel MT.

As it is, then redo-it-yourself as to the repaintings.

Must be 100% sure over fob Japan 1 million, reasoning that the km is 135k along

with 4WD tipper. Rich importer only.

1995 mitsubishi fuso 4wd dump truck tipper fg538 fg538bd engine 4d35 for sale in japan 131k



1995 mitsubishi fuso 4wd dump truck tipper fg538 fg538bd engine 4d35 for sale in japan 131k-2

Psotscript; There are mitsubishi canter FG335BD (4.2D) and FG337BD (5070cc diesel)tippers

which are oalso over fob Japan Yen1 million note.

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2 Responses to “2012 mitsubishi fuso canter 4×4 4wd fda00 dump truck tipper fg538bd for sale in japan trucks”

  1. Fred KLUTKE Says:

    looking for mitsubishi 2ton 4wd tipper

  2. Fred KLUTKE Says:

    dear sir / madam. very interested in 4wd 2ton tippers .would like several. your contactability is less than difficult. If you would like to sell several of these items please contact me by email and I will give you my phone number.

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