2003 Mitsubishi rosa bus 29 seats fuso 1990 camper campervans for sale japan

kazuo kuroyanagi karate 4 dan car exporter

What counts for used cars is engine rotations, not body surface ,bruised interior
Transmission time lag,Drive shaft noise, Idling, no need data logger. Engine room color after oil cap off
Even if Auction grade is high, engine bad lots of times,
Oil cap off and Idling inspections etc. even auction grade 4.5 get engine bad note.

transpoter to each car auction.

2019 gasoline Yen141 Yen per litter.
That is too much, so Motorcycle is the best transport.


1996 mitsubishi rosa MT 29 seaters

134,000kms around.

The model:BE459F, 134,000kms around.


1996 mitsubishi fuso rosa 29 seaters for sale japan

29 seaters MT.


mitsubishi rosa 29 seates for sale in japan


mitsubishi fuso rosa bus fro sale japan



1992 mitsubishi fuso canter campervans AT 2.8D 33,000km around.

2WD.33,000km around is our sales point:short kms. USA bound Oakyed, Canadian bound Oayed,too. (Importers are too much stick around manual shifts:If oil change maitenace used to be good wihtout oil sludge etc, enginelast long note. Importers tooo macuh care something professiona auction grade. Who cares about auction grade? because it shows only the body surface, not relating engine condition. We are much mechanics oriented JPN used cars and trucks exporter.

At transmission condition–good. 2.8 disel note.
Also engine condition–good. Just depend uopn us , reasoning that we are much mechanical oriented JPN car exporter.

In japan Instant used car exporter care about only auction grade. That is bad. Professiona auction grade shows only out body surface note.


engine will be very bad and will be short lifed if you donot change oil 30,000km around.

The drive shaft–good. Diesel grow–good.

In your country, Inner cargo imporations restrictions–

do make double sure if motorhomes’s inner cargoes can be passable

easily in your contry’s custom house.

they are professional 1p ton trucks mechancis, Hard haed

Right side is my friend. 10 ton truck expert, we ar enear JU aichi(asa auto auction)



All gear shifts smooth opearations. No white smoke, emission.




2003 mitsubishi rosa bus AT 29 seats. Model:BE64DG

Engine:4M50 4,890 diesel.

The above my car to each used car auction everydays,

kei car;660cc, gas saver car l Mr. Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge.

Facebook=kazuo Kuroyanagi


1992 mitsubishi roza bus

Model:BE449F 3,900 diesel MT 150,000km around.

Good working condition. Engine:4D34

PW-good, enginestar right awat with one click

PW-good, enginestar right awat with one click



The drive shaft–good, Idling stable–good.

Piston good.



1995 mitsubishi fuso camper AT 18,000km around.

Model:308B 2.8D, Good wrking condition.



The drive shaft--good

The drive shaft–good


1995 mitsubishi fuso canter camper campervans 308b 2.8 diesel for sale japan 18k-1


1995 mitsubishi fuso canter camper campervans 308b 2.8 diesel for sale japan 18k-2


1995 mitsubishi rosa camper 3.6 diesel MT5

The model:BE436e ,

Specs:hid,sub Batt, sub batt charger, honda ex4000 generator,

Main batt system,Invertor,auto door, refg,microwave over,

Engine,mission,good working condition.

Sales point:78,000km around–short kms.

Pinston rings--good, Drvie shaft--good, Voltage--good.

Pinston rings–good, Drvie shaft–good, Voltage–good.


diesel injection pump--good. The idling stable--good.

diesel injection pump–good. The idling stable–good.


1995 mitsubishi fuso camper camping bus campervan 3.6 diesel be436e for sale in japan 78k-2 motorhome

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#501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
tel  +81 52 803 1870(Appointment is must)
fax +8152 803 1870
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My mobile is available for my established customers only.
Not available for new customer, but e-mail or fax


2 Responses to “2003 Mitsubishi rosa bus 29 seats fuso 1990 camper campervans for sale japan”

  1. How much ? ( what price ?)


    • 1989 rosa campining bus fob japan fob 1,208,800.- stocked one
      Intersted in? or 1995 around rosa camper?
      1995 will be around fob Japan Yen2,000,000.- to Yen2,300,000.- around–My broker stocked.
      Kazuo Kuroyanagi


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