toyota townace campervan mazda proceed marvie camper for sale in japan


1993 mazda proceed marvie camper 5MT 2.6G 4WD 47,000km around. good working condition.




1991 toyota townace 5MT 2.0 diesel 4wd camper

77,000km around. Shower, WC euipments.

used cars importance is engine itself, so not too much concerned bout the outer surface apperance

We are much and much mechanical oriented JPN car exporter.If oil maitenace history was bad, the engine will be bad, Professional used car auction never wver shows oil change maitenace ;We inspect it all by ourselves. Just depen on us.


Right side is my friend. 10 ton truck expert, we ar near JU aichi(asa auto auction)

Both are professional mechancis




1988 toyota hilux camper MT 4WD diesel 2.4D

120,000km around. good working condition.

the length:5.7m

fob Japan Yen850,000.-

The drive shaft--good, gear smooth change opearations

The drive shaft–good,
gear smooth change opearations

diesel fuel pumo--good workindg. Piston ring--good. Emission color--good

diesel fuel pumo–good workindg. Piston ring–good.
Emission color–good

1988 toyota hilux ln65 camper camping truck 2.4 diesel 4wd for sale in japan 120k-2



1991 toyota townace 4wd MT5 88,00round.

model:CM65, 2.0D , Engine,mission good working condition.

1991 toyota townace campervans cm65 for sale in japan 4wd 89k


1991 toyota townace campervans cm65 for sale in japan 4wd 89k-1


1991 toyota townace campervans cm65 for sale in japan 4wd 89k-2


2003 toyota townace diesel 5MT 2.0 133,000km around.

ngine,mission good working condition.


diesel fula injectors good. Idling--good.Drive shaft--good.

diesel fula injectors good.
Idling–good.Drive shaft–good.


Piston rings --good. Radiator water color--good.

Piston rings –good.
Radiator water color–good.


Gear change--smooth operation. ONe click, then good starter.

Gear change–smooth operation. ONe click, then good starter.

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