2016 URJ202 1998 2002 toyota land cruiser hdj101 hdj101k vx limited edition g selection for sale japan

2018/DEC updated

2016/3 registered toyota land cruiser FAT ZX 36,000km around.

My price may be a bit higher, but i pass any highpriced car dealer’s data logger diagnosis for double sure

 as to engine conditions. Of data loger is connected into Internet, then the omputer system in head quarter

 answer back to the mechanics in charge. 


modelURJ202W 4.6 Petrol

Mint condition, 2015/3 registed ZX urj202w 4×4,Transmisiion no ti,e lag at all smooth operations.


Sinny condition land cruiser, Merced benz SUV etc just junk sort


We have Srilanla agent for deposit in Srilanka note

Mr Kazuo Kuroyanai, I wear formal Mercedes benz working cloth.

Mercedes stock one SL600 V12 7,000cc


2015/Mar registered Toyota land cruiser FAT model:URJ202W

Zx 450,000km around . Good working condition. 4X4





Rush length make how many toyota factories is activated. My place is 10 kms away from Toyota Akechi factry
Rush hours length quantity if urj202w is salable or not 2018 NOV/29, reasonibg that tons of Toyota each factory is dotted around near our apt. un Toyota city. In  Okazaki city near Toyota, Mitsubishi Motor Co.,”s is located lab.

2018/NOV–sombody’s ” vote” has been already 3pcs.

Ths URL202W land cruiser page is not put up yet I guess, reasoning that “Google” cralwler is very slow


The above rush hours photo==============

2016 toyota land cruiser model;URJ202v 4.6 petrol 6AT,(KM is short, I will let youknow),sorry.

ZX 4wd,back monitor,Navigation,rader cruise, smarrt keys

One photo from front side is misssing,sorry, Later on please when you inquiry, no crach anywa.

2016 model:URJ202W





2002 toyota land cruiser AT 200,000km around model:HDJ101 4.2 diesel.

fob japan is surely over fob Yen1,000,000. Good working condition,

the drive shaft good. Neutral engine idling stable--good/ Engine Idling un-stability is very bad. Honda is bad.

the drive shaft good.
Neutral engine idling stable–good/ Engine Idling un-stability is very bad. Honda is bad.


wheel hub bearing--good. No noise. Car goes streight and turn right and left good

wheel hub bearing–good. No noise. Car goes streight and turn right and left good


Water tempreture stable--good. Emission color--good.Piston rings good

Water tempreture stable–good. Emission color–good.Piston rings good


Deliery is fob japan Ngoya Port, japan

Deliery is fob japan Ngoya Port, japan



1998 toyota land cruiser model:HDJ101K 4.2 diesel AT 360,000km around.

Idling stable--good. At transmission-no time lag and no chocks

Idling stable–good.
At transmission-no time lag and no chocks


Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd Japan
#501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
tel fax +81 52 803 1870(Appointment is must) Or ansering machines working
Communication is only e-mail,please
My mobile phone +8190-4542-xxxx is only for established customer





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