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12H-T toyota land cruiser engine for sale japan HJ61V 4.0 diesel

January 25, 2012

2020 12HT turbo enigine diesel sale fob japan Yen400,000.- AT use? MT use?  Both get each different price here note. In container case be advised that you better purchase several units. If one unit, will be more expensive note.           ============== 2019 Model:HJ61V MT 12H-T used engine, not with mission fob […]

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September 24, 2011

2019 Sept updated. 1987 toyot aland cruiser HJ61V MT VX, 4.0 diesel 173,000kms around> Good working conditions.     ======================== 1989 HJ61V MT ===================   1989 HJ61V land cruiser available now. Photos available right now. fob japan Yen880,000.- 236,000km around. 5 doors. Payment::fulll advance only or no business,please. +++++++++++++++++++ 1987 toyota land cruiser hj61V […]

1989 toyota HJ61 hj60 4.0 landcruiser sale HJ61V import japan

June 13, 2008

2019 1987 toyota land cruiser MT 4.0 GX  265,000km around. diesel. Good working conditions.         ==================== 2018.NOV. 1988 toyota land cruiser model;HJ60 4.0 diesel 207,000km around, Engine,mission veru good conditions. Tires also very good conditions,   ============================== 2017 1989 toyot land cruiser AT 4.0 diesel VX model:HJ61V. 200,000km around, good working condition. […]

#toyota #land #cruiser hj60 4.0 d for sale in japan

November 23, 2011

  1983 toyota land cruiser MT5 116,000km around. 4.0 diesel. Good working condition. But the body is like that.   ============================   1987 land cruiser hj60 4.0 diesel MT 309,000km around. engine,mission good working condition.       (2013) 1989 toyota land cruiser AT 4.0 diesel km-un-known. The rest photos exist, but I do not […]