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1985 toyota land cuiser bj61 bj61 3.5 diesel 3B for sale in japan

January 26, 2019

2019 1985 toyota land cruiser 74,000km around mode:BJ61V 3.5 diesel, good working condition. Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan #601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou, 601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi, 470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansering machines working Communication is only e-mail,please My mobile phone +8190-4542-xxxx is only for established customer […]

1986 1989 bj74 bj74v toyota land cruiser bj73 3.5 3b for sale japan

May 5, 2014

1987 toyota land cruiser MT LX 3,400cc diesel. Good working conditions.       =============== I just back from Burma, Myanmar as for ruby gems business. From Now on I am gonnnaupdate each page. 1989 toyota land cruiser AT turbo (1hZ turbo–non toyota brand) 4.2 diesel ,Good working onditiona. Commission sale;Yen100000.- perunit. The covering BJ74V […]

1982 toyota land cruiser 1980 BJ41 #for #sale #japan bj41v

December 26, 2011

12018/DEC 1980 toyota land cruiser 3.2 diesel 87,000km arounf ? Wound back.Mode;:BJ41VEngine,mission good working condition. fob Japan Yen880,000.- Cloth partly broken. Take off any? or patch up work on it.   Take off any rust, then will be painted from the stand point of fob point. If BJ41 is perefect condition Over 2 million Yen […]

1988 toyota land cruiser bj74 BJ73 BJ70 for #sale #japan

November 24, 2011

  1988 toyota land cruiser MT 3.4D 215,000km around. fob japan Yen900,000.- Mr.Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge is much mechanical oriented japanese used car exporter. Whos cares about professiona auction grade? If the grade exist, engine condition auction grade must exist. I inspect all export bound cars all by myself. If The alternator breaks down, other […]

old toyota land cruiser BJ44V BJ44 for sale in japan

November 20, 2011

================== 2021 1982 toyota land cruiser bj44 bj44v 3.2 diesel  133,000kms around. Good working condition.       =============== 1982 toyota land cruiser 4MT model:bj44V 3200cc diesel, 76,000kms around. good working conditions as it is. fob Japan Yen1,330,000.-   ======= 2019 1982 toyota land cruiser 4mt 216,000km around(The speed meter replaced in the past). model:BJ44V […]

toyota land cruiser 40 series BJ40 for sale japan jp

May 2, 2011

  1978 toyota land cruiser bj40 3.0 diesel 12,000km around? Km is un-known. =====   1978 toyota land cruiser model:bj40V MT 41,000km around. fob japan Yen1,180,000.-(reconditioned and no rust). PHotos available right away–let us klnow, We eill send you the photos. Photos-1, Photos-2, Photos–3, Sales point–41,000km real meter, Auction grade–4.0 Point. The color–yellow and soft […]

#toyota #landcruiser #BJ44 #13BT 3.4 #40 #series #forsale #japan #jp

April 30, 2011

2015 Offer BJ44: ==== 2013/Aug 1981 toyota land cruiser MT bj44 3.2D km-un-known status. Rust exist, then I explain all rusts by photos and statements. =========== 2013/Mar offer 1981 BJ44 MT 3.3D km-unknown fob japan Yen750,000.- ======================= (2013 Feb.25) Offer date. 1982 toyota land cruiser BJ44 3200cc diesel. MT 159,000km around—real meter The agent […]

#toyota #landcruiser #yonmaru BJ44 #BJ40V #forsale #japan #jp

March 23, 2010

1981 BJ44V 2017 updated. 1981 BJ44V ================================== 2011 NOv. Kingpin of land cruiser   —-  bj46v ======================================== Use search box for other land cruiser  then right down place Perfect one is over fob Japan Yen1,000.000.- Rust stuff is under fob Japan Yen1,000, -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- 2017 updated 1981 land c  BJ44V 1982 toyota […]

#toyota #landcruiser #BJ44 #forsale #japan #JP

October 18, 2009

2015 1981 land cruiser BJ44 5MT km-un-known. good working condition. rust–you better fix it down there.We do not fix rust in Japan. Here is so expensive in take off rust and repaints. For the USAimports, you must get Co’s address as a consginess’s address in bill of Lading as terrorist protection matter, personal consginee’s address […]

1984 #toyota #landcruiser #BJ46 #for #sale #japan #3.4

July 1, 2009

2011 June 1984 BJ46 190,000km around 3.4D .Rust comparatively less, fob japan Yen750,000.- (Already rock-bottomed offer)-NO negotiations,please (NO call,please except for established customers and your bank TT advance) ================= ================ 2011 April BJ46 67,000km around 3.4D  As 1000km away fron Nagoya city, tel inspection good enough 2010 May. ———————————————— —————- 2010 Mar 24,—–1982  BJ46 […]