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1982 #toyota #land #cruiser #BJ41 #for #sale #japan

December 26, 2011

2016 1979 toyota land cuiser bj41V MT 108,000km around diesel. model:BJ41V, Rust a few. 3.2D transfer, mission gesket replaced, Muffler fixed, radiator repaired. good working condition. One more time rust condition–a few type.   Auction agent it 1980 toyota land cruiser MT km-unknown. Engine and mission good working, you fiix body yourself down there. (Full […]

12HT toyota land cruiser engine for sale japan

January 25, 2012

2018 12ht or 12ht-t +mission=fob Japan 1,000,000.- Aug right now === 2017 12H-T used engine AT +mission=pretty expensive in Japan now, so Be advised that you better take it via front cut mode of something. We do not have MT 12H-T or 12H used engine right now. ===================== 2015/April BJ41V, land cruiser, used, engine, 2B,no-turbo, […]

#old #toyota #land #cruiser BJ44V BJ44 for sale in japan

November 20, 2011

2017 km-unknown 1981 toyota land cruiser MT 3.2 diesel model:BJ44V. Pelase repaint in your place, reasonin that paiting cost in japan is so expensive. Engine,mission good.   ======================= 2017 1981 toyota land cruiser 4m5 132,000km around. model BJ44V, Rust alot, restoretion base,please. Just fix body:easy job, folks, short kms. Cut iron portion and paste another […]

#toyota #landcruiser #yonmaru BJ44 #BJ40V #forsale #japan #jp

March 23, 2010

1981 BJ44V 2017 updated. 1981 BJ44V ================================== 2011 NOv. Kingpin of land cruiser   —-  bj46v ======================================== Use search box for other land cruiser  then right down place Perfect one is over fob Japan Yen1,000.000.- Rust stuff is under fob Japan Yen1,000, -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- 2017 updated 1981 land c  BJ44V 1982 toyota […]