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1993 hino super dolphin profia concrete mixer fs 3 fs4 tipper dump fs3fkbd fs4fkcd for sale in japan fs3

November 1, 2011

2021 1992 Hino super dolphin 6MT 17200cc diesel The model:FS2HKAD, 900,000kms around (The speed meter wound back) Good working condition     ================= 2001 hino profia concrete mixer 20800cc diesel MT Engine:F21C FS4FKGA 214,000kms around.         ========================= 2019 2000 hino super dolphin profia 20,780cc deisel 6MT 1,230,000kms around. Good working conditions. tipper […]

2007 hino ranger crane fc3j trucks used for sale japan fs3F 10 #ton #dumper

June 12, 2010

2007 Hino ranger FC3J MT Air break 100,000kms around 6630cc diesel crane 3 stage. good worling conditions.     Kuroyanagi Shoten Ltd Japan ========= 2019 2002 Hino ranger crane boom truck 6mt 400,000km around. 4 staged boom 6630cc model FC3j       It is myself.     big gas saver in Japan. Too expensive […]

Used 10ton dump truck tipper sale japan import isuzu hino mitsubishi

June 30, 2010

  Nissan CW610hvd and CW510hvd: ================ 2015 Hino profia used engine F20C, 19700cc diesel engine for sale. From the model FR3F, ==== 2014 1990-1 unit 1994-2 units model nissan ud cw520hvd, ============= 2014 1994 hino tipper 1o ton u-fs2fkbd MT 17,230cc diesel. 1,184,000km around. Lots photos we have–ask us,please. ============ 2013/AUG. 1996 Nissan […]

17D hiono FS 3 10 ton dump truck tipper for sale #japan

June 10, 2010

1997 Hino model:FS 3 ,19680cc diesel 7MT 1o ton tipper 402,000kms around. Sales point;short kms, loading bed must  be fixed by putting another along cut. 19680cc cc is almost 20,000cc, The big engine tipper note–sale point.       ============= 1995 hino 10 ton tipper 880,000km aroundengine-F17E, 17230cc diesel. model:FS2FKBD, 34-ps, good working condiion. ===== […]

kuroyanagi 1990 hino profia super dolphin tipper dump truck for sale in japan

September 8, 2009

IN Toyota city, CAA used auto auctions is so wide, so I must use my motor cycles 1990 hino profia super dolphin tipper turck 7MT model:FS66bd, 17,230cc diesel 2WD, good working condition. 980,000km around. Engine;f17c ========================= 2013/AUG 1993 hino profia 10 ton dump truck 1,178,200km around. Nodel:Fs3FKBD. Engine:F20C 19,680cc diesel. 370ps Max load*10 tonne.   […]