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2004 hzj71 toyota land cruiser 77 hzj HZJ77HV for sale japan

March 21, 2012

  2004 toyota land cruiser model:HZJ71V LX 229,000km around. Good working condition. 4.2 disel MT.   ====   1993 toyota land cuiser MT5 400,000km around. model:HZJ77HV, Good working condition. 4.2 diesel The height 2.1m around. The detailed photos later on if you like     ===== 1991/3 toyota land cruiser modelhzj77hv AT 280,000km around fob […]


1991 toyota Land cruiser HZJ73 HZJ77 HZJ70 HZJ76 hzj77v import japan sale

July 19, 2010

2021 1995 toyota land cruiser ATZX  4WD 4×4 model;HJZ77HV 4.2 diesel 4200cc diesel . Good working ocondition.       ========== 1998 toyota land cruiser LX 4200 diesel AT fully loaded. Good working conditions. Model:HZJ73V series 70 3 door. 306,000kms around.           ======================= 1995 toyota land cruiser 5MT ZX 219,000kms around. […]

toyota land cruiser HZJ73 HZJ77 for sale japan 77

February 15, 2010

  2002 toyota land cruiser model:hzj77hz, 3.5(D) mt 218,000km around. ===========   1997 toyota land cruiser hzj77 4.2D AT black ZX 183,000km around. fob Japan Yen742,000.- sharp. Photos available, ask us,please. ==================================   1991 Model HZJ74HV 4.2D =========   toyota landcruiser HZJ77 or HJZ77HV as a model 2010 Mar 13 offer HZJ77HV ZX 4.2 (Ask […]

2002 4.2 diesel toyota land cruiser HZJ76V for sale japan hzj 76

March 20, 2012

2000 toyota land cruiser hzj76v AT 208,000km around. 4.2D 4WD LX . Good working condition. =============     2002 land cruiser modelHZJ76K At 293,000km around. diesel. ZX. The good working condition.   =====   2001 Toyota land cruiser HZJ76 4.2D MT 148,000km around. diesel.         ============= 1999 5 dors 4.2 diesel AT […]

1990 toyota land cruiser PZJ70 for sale in japan pzj70v

November 24, 2011

1992 toyot land cruiser Model:PZJ70V. 5MT,200,000kms around. Good working conditions.     =================== 2018/DEC 1990 toyota land cruiser model PZJ70V 3.5 diesel 5MT 240,000km around. A bit run down conditionss, but not fatal bad conditions. Mechanically good working conditions. One photo only,sorry. Myself Mr.Kazuo Kuroyanagi< Karate kids 4 dan. Speciality;keft streight is n twinkling of […]

old toyota land cruiser BJ44V BJ44 for sale in japan

November 20, 2011

================== 2021 1982 toyota land cruiser bj44 bj44v 3.2 diesel  133,000kms around. Good working condition.       =============== 1982 toyota land cruiser 4MT model:bj44V 3200cc diesel, 76,000kms around. good working conditions as it is. fob Japan Yen1,330,000.-   ======= 2019 1982 toyota land cruiser 4mt 216,000km around(The speed meter replaced in the past). model:BJ44V […]