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2005 toyota hiace 2007 regiusace kdh 200 kdh200v for sale #japan 205

March 23, 2012

2007 toyota hiace dx AT model:kdh200V 2,500cc diesel> 200,000kms around,   o good working conditions.       Right after overseas calls, my arrival at each auction is like beam Ha! reasoning each road is conjested  =========== 2015 toyota hiace van AT 3 seaters 247,000km around model:KDH205V 2,500cc deisel         =================================== 2018/NOV. […]

2006 2007 hiace KDH200V #KDH200 #for #sale #japan

August 1, 2008

2001JUly, WE KEEP ON EXPORTING KDH200v SUPER gl OR DX KDH200 TO COLOMBO. Srilanka colombo imports. Your deposit -half of C&F colombo amount is first in our agent in srilanka with our details of kdh200V. As KDH200V is expensive , so we cannot prebuy kdh200v before your deposit in Srilanka.  We do not know, while […]

#2006 and #2007 #hiace #kDH200v #forsale #japan

July 30, 2008

use search box all the time for other hiace    super custom 97,000km  KZH100 just newly stocked in  2011 June -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0–0-0-0-0-0-0-0 2006 hiace KDH200V AT diesel 68,000km around 2007 KDH200V 110,000km around AT diesel. We sell 2 units for the price to the pro used car auction market rate,  68k-110k—pretty expensive. Poor budget importers […]

#toyota #hiace #KDH200V #kdh200 #FOR #sale #2007 #2008 #2006

June 11, 2008

for Srilankan importers, we have 2 agents in Srilanka and we have 2 firms in Japan. Any person working=Srilankans. Lauguage–Srilankans only. Payment terms-Half down in Srilandka and the other half by LC, no DP/DA. Estimates C&F Colombo right away. After your purchase decision, YOu call to them–Srilankans. Mr Mohomad in  Japan or Mr Nawara in […]

2015 2008 kdh211k toyota hiace van kdh 205 kdh205 kdh205v sale japan

June 21, 2012

Engine goes down to grave very soon. ======================== 2021 2008 toyota hiace van vans kdh211k 3.0 diesel super gl used long 300,000kms around       ======================== 2021 2006 toyota hiace van kdh 205 kdh205 kdh205v 2.5 diesel dx 4wd used Automatic=AT(No time lag)     ======================== 2021 2006 toyota hiace super gl kdh200 kdh […]

2014 toyota allion A15 for sale in japan 1.5 NZT260

July 5, 2010

2014 toyota allion 1.5G AT fully loaded A14 130,000kms around. Good working conditions. model:NZT260         ================== The departure date will be Oct.31.2011 for Colombo bound vessel. We keep on exporting on and on allions, KDH200 super GL and sometimes we export used excavators to Sri lanlaka.( I am also professional ruby and […]

2010 toyota landcruiser prado TRJ150W 2.7 sale japan import

July 5, 2010

2009 TRJ150W offer: ===== 2010 while trj150w 19,000km around: ==== Oct.31. today Sri lanka bound leave for colombo with tons of KDH200v of ours, Great thing for us. 2010 toyota landcruiser prado TRJ150W 2.7 sale japan import.  kdh200v  allion, KR42V all right,sir ============================================================= 2010, Model TRJ150W Landcruiser  Prado 5 seaters. At fully […]

toyota grand hiace wagon sale van japan

October 10, 2009

KDH200V Offer 2010/20. 2004#hiace#van#sale#forsale#KDH200V AT 5D 240k 2.5D DX#FOB#Japan#Japon Yen972,000 —— 1999  toyota grand hiace wagon sale AT fully loaded 3.4D XG edition. USE INQUIRY FORM BELOW AT FIRST, COMUNICATION WITH EACH OTHER IS SOMETIES MESSED UP. Payment–bank wire transfer beforeshipment in Japan. Before TT. we provide you 2 IDs. Passport and Japan drivers licese. No […]

#toyota #landcruiser #prado #TX #Wide #VZJ95W #forsale #japan

July 28, 2009

Use search 2008/12,2009,2010,TRJ120,TRJ150,KDH200,allion, 2008/11 corona premio. Use search please, because here is year indications a bit messed up note> ==================================== 1999 prado model VJZ95W AT 140,000km around. =========================== 1997 KZJ95  TX  —- =================== 2007 landcruisers–2 units 2010 landcruiser offer  1 unit ================================================= 2010 April 9.–other landcruisers, Try to use seach box in […]