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2014 mazda demio dj3fs 1.3for sale japan

September 19, 2016

2020 updated 2014 Mazda Demio AT 1.3, Model:FJ3FS. One dented, the still beĀ  driven by the owner, the car goes streight. The Inner not damaged yet. fob Japan Yen200,000.- 70,000kms around, otherwise very good conditions. Be advised that you fix it in your contry,please.     ======================== 2020 2016 Mazda demio AT diesel 1500cc Model:DJ5FS, […]


#toyota #corolla #fielder NZE121G for #sale NZE121 #2001 2004

August 20, 2009

2002 2004 toyota corolla filder nze121 AT 1.5G 59,000kms around 4.0 Good working condiktions.         ============ 2002 model NZE121G offer =========== 2011 Oct.11 Filder-Yanagon, Myanmar bound–we are ready to export , 4 units by 40 feet. We delivery right away, V46,Celsior,Caldina van, hilux-surf,Mark 2 LX90,harriers,CE102G, C&F Yangon fine to us. We […]