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#1988 #hiace wagon #YH51G #YH51 #For #Sale #Japan

September 13, 2009

From 2019 Fax us for your urgent needs with your country indication–+81 561 42 4432   1983 toyota hiace YH51G AT ==============================   1988 hiace YH51G 2.0G AT fob japan I can offer now photos available now.–ask LH61 LH61V hiace is higher than that of YH51G Hiace note nearing double price almost.—2011 NOV> LH51G is […]

( JP Kuroyanagi Kazuo ) toyota Hiace wagon For Sale in Japan

September 6, 2011

================== 1988 toyota hiace supercustom wagon AT 2.0 modl:YH51G, Engine,mission good working condition. 134,000km around. ================   1989 toyota hiace grand cabin model LH71G, 2.4D 5MT 207,000km around. good working condition. (fax us for urgent need with your contry indication) +8152-803 1870)–2012 NOV> 1988 toyota hiace super custome AT 2.0G wagon Offer–NOV.14.2011 fob japan 276,000.-(Auction […]

Kuroyanagi, 2001 toyota hiace rzh125 commuter super long high roof welcab for sale in japan

June 12, 2010

  2001 toyota hiace DX at 2.4G 155,000km around. Model:RZH125B, Welcab, as for lifter, you must check out electric arrangement, super long high roof. good working condition. =============================   2000 toyota hiace super long AT 34,000km around. AT AC PW, 15 seaters. 2.4G, Sales point:34,000km around which is not suitable to exporations, because Km is […]