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1991 lexus toyota soarer sc 400 vendo venta for sale japon japan

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1991 Lexus sc400 4.0 AT 14,000km  14,000km real kilometer o

de devolución de dinero. SC400 se llama Toyota soarer en Japon.

La diferencia entre SC400 y soarer es el volante a la derecha oa la izquierda.


1991 lexus sc400=1991 toyota soarer 4.0g V8 14,000km around.

The right hand drive.

US used car importer are entitled to import it now or never.

14,000km be devided by 1.6km(1 mile=1.6km)=only 8750 miles fit follows.

The sales point is dam-found short km 8750miles to you.

Perfecto condicion

Perfecto condicion




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Vendo segunda mano camion desde japon expotacion

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The above 25 years ago homepage on the tripod.

As the memory,  we like to keep it, at which preciso es mucho differente

Iauique bound coches a lot those days.


Segunda mano y camion exportacion desde japan


Aura nostros paje

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