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ln172 rzn169 2004 toyota hilux sports pickup truck extra cab sale japan

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kazuo kuroyanagi mercedes benz

beenn taken 2018



2000 toyota hilux double cabin

Model:RZN169H 2700cc gasoline

205,000kms around.


pickup, AT.

Good working conditions.


2000 toyota hilux pickup truck rzn169h sport for sale in japan


toyota hilux sports pickup trucks rzn169h for sale in japan


rzn169h toyota hilux rzn169 pickup trucks for salein japan




2003 toyota hilux double cab AT fully loaded 40,000km around.

Model:RZN169h 2700cc gasoline. 4WD



2003 toyota hilux double cab rzn169h 2.7 sale japan 40k


2003 toyota hilux double cab rzn169h 2.7 sale japan 40k-1


2003 toyota hilux double cab rzn169h 2.7 sale japan 40k-2



2004 hilux pickup truck extra cab diesel 4WD 88,000km around.

Model:LN172h 3.0 diesel MT. YOU ASK US THE SEVERAL PHOTOS,


16 inch AW+ and HDD Navigation system–photos available now or never

PHOTOS   PHOTOS  PHOTOS fob japan  Yen 2,000,000.- and over note.

Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd Japan #501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006 tel fax +81 52 803 1870(Appointment is must)

We have beenn moved.

Kazuo Kuroyanagi,Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
610-go GOU 104 TOU
Shiratori 4-6 Aichi-gun, Aichi-Ken
TEL FAX 0561-42-4432
( Only Answering machine working
without appointment). Mobile phone is only for the established customer only.
E-mail first, and that is the most important.
No answer back for your vague and un-clear inquiry such as year, model and cars name
are missing etc


1988 1991 GS131 toyota crown royal saloon JZS131 for sale japan

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(SOLD)1989 toyota crown royal saloon AT super cahrger 2.0

92,000kms around>

Good working conditions.


1989 toyota crown royal saloon supercharged supercharger for sale in japan

toyota crown gs131 supercharger supercharged for sale japan

crown GS131 royal salon 1989 for sale japan


1990 toyot acrown model GS131 AT 2.0 royal saloon

Good working conditions.

1990 toyota crown gs131 royal saloon for sale in japan

24,000kms around. what sort of that car is that?

gs131 crown royal saloon for sale in japan

Karate 4 dan used car exporter

I was almost near dead abit a while ago, reasoning that MY back ribs 5pcs were broken:Fixing period was 5 months.



1991 toyota crown royal saloon AT fully loaded 2.5G 39,000km aorund.

Sales point:39,000km around> Condition-super good. working condition.

HDD navigatation. AW+

plush seats

Mostly high kms JZS131 fob Japan Yen300,000.- around. But this one is 39,000km around bit expensive>

because this condition belong to super good.



1987 toyota crown gs131 AT 2.0G 134,000km around.

twin cam 24 valves, good working conditon.

engine Idling stable–good,
The drive shaft–good. The car goes streight, turn and stoped properlu.

kazuo Kuroyangi is much mechanica oriented used car exporter;just auction grade is junk note. I inspect the car all by myself



1988 toyota crown MT model GS131 super selct 2.0 290,000km around.


1988-toyota-crown-super-select-gs131-2-0-manual-shift-for-sale-in-japan-290k-1 1988-toyota-crown-super-select-gs131-2-0-manual-shift-for-sale-in-japan



1991  toyota crown royal saloon super charger 2.0G AT

108,000km around model:GS131, good working condition.

1991 toyota crown royal saloon supercharger gs131 2.0 for sale japan used 108k

drive shaft good, At transmission no time lag

1991 toyota crown royal saloon supercharger gs131 2.0 for sale japan used 108k-1

engine start with one click

1991 toyota crown royal saloon supercharger gs131 2.0 for sale japan used 108k-2


1991 toyota crown royal saloon AT supercharged 2.0

10000km around, Engine,mission good working condition.


No time lag AT transmission. Idling stable--good.

No time lag AT transmission. Idling stable–good.

drive shaft--good, radiator water color--good

drive shaft–good, radiator water color–good

Piston rings--good, Voltage--good.

Piston rings–good, Voltage–good.

1991 toyota crown royal saloon AT 130,000km around.

Model-JZS131  2.5G

Other royals

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
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601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
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Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge
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My new mobile is only for established customer only
I use it in each auction

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