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1997 mitsubishi fuso super great FV 511 FV511 FV511JXD tipper dump truck for sale in japan

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Mitsubishi super geat


Displacement;20,800cc diesel.

7MT, Good working conditions.

mitsubishi super great fv 511 tipper for sale in japan


mitsubishi super great fv511 fv511jxd dump truck for sale

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2003 isuzu mitsubishi fuso hooklift used1998 hino arm roll truck for sale japan

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1993 isuzu arm roll hooklift truck

6MT 7100 diesel km-wound-up, but good working conditions.

isuzu arm roll truck frr32 4 ton truck for sale




isuzu frr 32 hooklift truck for sale in japan



2003 mitsubishi fuso fk71ge 4 ton 6mt 279,000kms around.

Good working conditions.

2003 hooklift truck used


model:FK71ge , Mitsubishi fuso



1998 hino 13 ton, 20780cc,
640,000km around. KC-fs4fwda.
Iwafuji roll lift:R4-14
(example photo–Rl-12c) as per down, photo
RL12C(sample note)

hino arm roll truck for sale japan fs4 fs4fwda

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