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refrigerated reefer freezer truck sale japan mazda toyota import rangerr

June 19, 2010

Use search box for other townacs such as KM51mCM65  such as search is right and down ================================ NOv.4.2011 offer(photos available right away) 1993 hono 4 ton type with power gate MT6 model FD1j 7960cc-diesel refrigerated truck. fob Japan Yen1.028,000.- 765,000km around( Photos available) ===========                   ==============                 ================ ============================================= 2013 2000 hino refrigerated 2 ton truck for […]


toyota CM65 liteace truck townace pickup trucks import for sale japan

July 8, 2009

  1989 toyota townace truck MT 2.0 diesel 89,000kms around. The model:CM65, Good working conditions.   ===================== 1996 toyota townace  truck 4wd model;CM65 2000 diesel. 39,000kms around. fob japan Yen540,000.- 1996 toyota townace truck MT 2000 diesel. Model:CM65, 39,000kms aorund. Good working conditions.       ======== 2019 1997 toyota townace 5MT Engine-2c diesel/ 106,000km […]