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mitsubishi fuso 4d33,f1517bd isuzu, cherry picker truck for sale japan used BU66 dyna

April 7, 2014

2021 2001 mitsubishi fuso used cherry picker 5.2 diesel manual fe 55 , 140,000kms around. No leaks. The drive shaft–good. Bearings–good. all gear shift smooth operations. maintained good enough so far by my inspections. Unless 20,000kms around oil change not done, engine must blow-uo soon. I do not trust pro aucion grade, but I inspect […]

2003 isuzu mitsubishi fuso hooklift used 1998 hino arm roll truck for sale japan

March 24, 2014

1993 isuzu arm roll hooklift truck 6MT 7100 diesel km-wound-up, but good working conditions.       ==================== 2018/NOV. 2003 mitsubishi fuso fk71ge 4 ton 6mt 279,000kms around. Good working conditions.     ======================= 1998 hino 13 ton, 20780cc, 640,000km around. KC-fs4fwda. Iwafuji roll lift:R4-14 (example photo–Rl-12c) as per down, photo (sample note) Kuroyanagi shoten […]

2006 nkr81 2003 isuzu elf nkr81 4.8 diesel nkr 66 ed tipper dump truck for sale in japan

February 12, 2013

======== 2006 isuzu elf nkr81 4.8d MT tipper dump truck 140,000km around. ood working conditions wiout oil leaks. ===================== 2017 1995 isuzu elf 2 ton tipper truck NKr66ed 5mT 214,000km around. AC 3 seats. good working condition. ===================== 2017 2003 isuzu tipper 195,000km around. =================================== 2017 1991 isuzu elf 2 ton dump truck MT […]

used 2008 10 ton towing crane mitsubishi fuso crane truck trucks fs416 for sale #Japan

November 14, 2011

Ued 10 ton lift capacity towing truckOnly one photo sorry. Ask us other photos, Price right away,sir. ========================== ========================== Our stocks Out stocks ========================== 2018/NOV. 2008 mitsubishi fuso crane truck 5mt 351,000km around. model:pdg-fe83dy. 4,890cc diesel Tadano crane;model:TM-ZR263 with The radio controller     =====================   1992 mitsubishi fuso 10 ton truck, frozen refrigeration 7MT,16750cc, […]

nissan deisel ud u-cw520hvd cw610hvd cw520hvd cd45 cw520 tipper dump truck for sale in japan

November 2, 2011

Our stocks Our stocks,too.—-   Ours note. ============== 2019 1994 Nissan diesel UD 6MT 17,000cc 605,000kms around. Good working conditions PS leaks, so we must fixit in our factory. ==================   1995 Nissan ud model cw520hvd 6MT kms-un-known. Good working conditions>   ===============================   1994 Nissan diesel UD 7MT model:cw520hvd 17,000cc diesel 958,000km around? CW520HVD […]

isuzu elf 2 ton dump truck for #sale #japan #nkr66ed nkr 66

October 28, 2011

  isuzu nkr66ed ====================   1992 isuzu elf 1.5 ton diesel truck 73,000km around. MT 2770cc, good working condition ===== 1996 isuzu 2 ton dump truck 140,000km around model NKR66ED 4.3D Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan #601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou, 601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi, 470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 […]

2005 2004 #isuzu 4.8 diesel 4800 for sale japan truck

October 22, 2011

Vehicles value is simply determined everydays car and truck maintenance 600,000kms around will be possible. Body dents etc is just cinch jobs. ============= 2005 isuzu elf npr81ar 4800cc diesel 6MT 239,000kms around. Goog working conditions. Model:NPR81AR.         =================== Auto 2004 isuzu NPR 81 2 ton truck  Elf wide 160,000km around. diesel. Kuroyanagi […]

2007 isuzu CXZ 52 CXZ52k3 giga for sale #japan #dump truck

October 3, 2011

  2003 isuzu cxz52k3 7MT 1,000,000kms around? wound up. 15680cc diesel. air,oil leaks repair.       =========================== 2007 isuzu giga CXZ52k  Engine-6WG1 400ps, 2 defferentaial 16,000cc 10 ton load capacity. fob Japan UDS over 130,000.- Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd Japan #501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006 tel fax +81 52 803 […]

1993 isuzu 810 giga cxz72jd tipper dump truck for sale in japan

October 2, 2011

We fix Phllipines bound CXZ concered huge tipper,dump trucks in our yard. We never ever set up our agent in Phillipines. My partner belong Srilankans. We have 6 mechanics in our yard.   Used to be Heiwa auto in Osaka exported tons of cars, Now our turn. I, Mr.Kazuo Kuroyanagi exports lots huge truck to […]

2008 1986 elf Isuzu forwared ftr34t2 crane boom truck for sale japan used

July 16, 2011

==================   Isuzu boom truck 1986 which is utilized in our factory diesel. Detail will be give to the interested party   =================== 2019 2005 isuzu elf nkr81 crane boom truck MT 2ton 4HL1 145,000km around. Good working conditions. ============================ 2018/NOV 2009 isuzu elf crane truck MT 454,000kmaround. 2,990cc diesel  model:npr85ar       ======================= […]