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1993 nkr58ed nkr58 nkr 58 1998 nkr 71 nkr71en nkr 71 1991 mazda titan tipper with crane1999, NKR66ED 1989 isuzu 2 ton dump trucks for sale japan

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kazuo kuroyanagi karate 4 dan car exporter

What counts for used cars is engine rotations, not body surface ,bruised interior
Transmission time lag,Drive shaft noise, Idling, no need data logger. Engine room color after oil cap off
Even if Auction grade is high, engine bad lots of times,
Oil cap off and Idling inspections etc. even auction grade 4.5 get engine bad note.


1990 isuzu elf tipper 5MT 2 ton.

220,000kms around.

3600 diesel.


Good working conditions.

nkr58ed for sale japan

3600 diesel


1990 isuzu elf nkr 58 tipper for sale japan


isuzu elf nkr 58 ed for sale japan






1993 isuzu elf 2 ton tipper dump truck truck u-nkr58ed, 103,000km around diesel. Good working conditions.


2 ton tipper truck, e-nkr58ed 3,600cc diesel


clutch–good, all gear shifts smooth operations. No liaks of lifter>


1998 isuzu 2 ton tipper dump truck model;nkr71 4660cc diesel 120,000km around.
Mechanically good working conditions.

model:nkr71en 4660cc diesel, 3 way lifted


1990 isuzu elf 2 ton tipper dump turck 3.6 diesel MT 89,000km around. Good working condition.  Sales point:89,000km around.

Dumper value is determined by kms, reasning that high kms+lift working hours will e dpreciation vlues. dumper engines must be strong, becaengine is used by running and lift working, so high miles must be excluded in choise of our choice along with our customer

satifactions. We ar emuch mechanical oriented used  car and truck exporter.

the right is 10 ton truck expert

both are professional trucks mechanics







1991 mazda titan 3 ton, 2.5 ton max load with dump truck and carne,

160,000km around. model:       4.0 diesel, good working condition.

1991 mazda titan truck crane dump tipper for sale japan 160k 4.0 diesel 1 1991 mazda titan truck crane dump tipper for sale japan 160k 4.0 diesel

fob Japan USD9,100.- only



1999 isuzu elf 2 ton dump truck tipper model kk-NKR66ED,

4330cc diesel, 5MT, 96,000km around. good working condition.

1999 isuzu elf nkr66 nk66ed kk-nkr66ed 2 ton dump truck tipper for sale japan 96k

gear change smooth opearions, the drive shaft--good

gear change smooth opearions, the drive shaft–good


no leaks lifters. Engine star good with one click

no leaks lifters. Engine star good with one click



1991 Isuzu elf 2 ton tipper dump truck with crane 110,000km around.

Model:NKR58ed 3630cc diesel. Good working condition.

No oil leaks, drive shaft--good.

No oil leaks, drive shaft–good.


Piston rings--good, Dear smooth operations.alternator--good, Emission color--good, Injector--good

Piston rings–good, Dear smooth operations.alternator–good, Emission color–good, Injector–good



1987 isuzu elf 2tonne MT 3630cc diesel 142,000km around.


1987 isuzu elf 2 ton nkr58ed nkr 58 tipper dump truck 250 for sale in japan 142k

1987 isuzu elf 2 ton nkr58ed nkr 58 tipper dump truck 250 for sale in japan 142k-1

1987 isuzu elf 2 ton nkr58ed nkr 58 tipper dump truck 250 for sale in japan 142k-2

1989 isuzu 2 ton elf tipper MT 90,000kmnaround.

Model:NKR58ED 3.6 diesel, Engine,mission good working condition.

clutch--good, gear change--smooth operation.

clutch–good, gear change–smooth operation.

radiator water color--good, Voltage--good

radiator water color–good, Voltage–good

Piston rings--good.

Piston rings–good.

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2007 isuzu CXZ 52 CXZ52k3 giga for sale #japan #dump truck

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2003 isuzu cxz52k3 7MT 1,000,000kms around? wound up.

15680cc diesel. air,oil leaks repair.

isuzu cxz52k3 ipper for sale in japan




2003 isuzu cxz52 tipper dump trucks for sale in japan


2007 isuzu giga CXZ52k  Engine-6WG1 400ps, 2 defferentaial 16,000cc 10 ton

load capacity. fob Japan UDS over 130,000.-

Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd Japan
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