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2002 mitsubishi fuso fighter fk71hg refrigerator freezer truck for sale japan

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2002 mitsubishi fuso fighter refrigerator freezer truck MT

505,000kms around. 8200cc diesel.

Good working conditions. as it is.

mitsubishi fuso fighter trucks fk71hg for sale in japan


mutsubishi fuso fighter refrigerator freezer truck fh71hg for sale in japan


mitsubishi fuso fighter truck refrigerator freezer for sale japan


fk71hg mitsubishi fuso fighter refrigerator freezer truck for sale japan



2002 mitsubishi fuso fighter freezer truck 6MT 8.2 diesel.

The model:FK71 247,000km around. freezer With power gate.

Good working condition.



2002 mitsubishi fuso fighter with paower gate MT 438,000km around 8.2 diesel

truck refrigerator, freezer truck.

The model:FK71HGm FK71

Good working condition for truck and refgi functions.



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fk71 1990 mitsubishi fuso fighter fk415 FK517 crane truck sale japan

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2003 mitsubishi fuso fighter   diesel crane boom truck

Good working condition. Model:KK-fk71gj, 8,200cc diesel, 146,000kms

2003 mitsubishi fuso fighter kk-fk71gj fk71gj fk71 fk 71 8.2 diesel crane boom truck trucks for sale in japan

Clutch–fine, All gear shift operations–good.

Boom is working properly wihtout oil leaks,the drive shaft--good


Clutch remainder are good enough

2003 mitsubishi fuso fighter kk-fk71gj fk71gj fk71 fk 71 8.2 diesel crane boom truck trucks for sale in japan




model:FK71, 2000 mitsubishi fuso crane truck 6mt 8,200cc diesel 564,000km around.

Good working condition.

All our mechanic staff assis our used exporting trucks. Feel ease ha!

both are mechanics, I am in the center

The right is 10 ton truck expoert, Ansar mohomad.
He is very miticulous about 10 ton truck structure




1991 mitsubishi fuso crane truck 5 ton 6.6 diesel model FK415.

86,000km around. Good working condition.

OIl no leaks




1990 mitsubishi fuso fighter model:FK517 crane truck MT6 7,500cc diesel.

Good working condition. 4 stage boom crane machine.







mitsubishi fuso fighter crane truck MT model:FK415kk 110,000kn around.

diesel. 6600cc. tadano 5 stage boom crane.






1994 mitsubishi fuso crane truck 4 ton

Model FK617J 7540cc diesel F6 AC 160,000km around.

The condition::good working condition.

Emission color–good, no blue smoke,pinston-ring–good.

1994 mitsubishi fuso fighter crane truck 4 ton sale japan model fk617


2003 mitsubishi fuso fighter crane truck for sale in japan fk64 6m61 8.2




2003 mitsubishi fuso crane truck.

Model FK64 8200cc diesel 340,000km around.

The condition–good working


crane truck search  2012  —-

2003 mitsubishi fighter fuso crane truck for sale in japan fk64 6m61 8.2.-1

Payment: advance full on time before that

As it is 2003 model, pretty high cost

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