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1995 nissan ud diesel cd520 cd 520 flatdeck dump truck dumper for sale japan

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1992 nissan CD520 big thumb 7MT.


16990cc diesel.

Nissan CD520 big thumb for sale in japan


cd 520 for sale japan



1995 Nissan UD diesel model CD450 6MT flatdecl   UN,VN etc shows truck”s length , 760,000kms around.

I just wonder if truck speed meters are likely to be wound up. Behave yourself,Jap.!!!


That photo-Mr.Kazuo Kuroyanagi 2018 NOV.


sales-point-54,000km around only.

1990 Nissan UD 10 ton dump truck,


nissan ud cd520 dump truck tipper for sale japan 10 ton

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansering machines working
Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

Mobile phone is for my established customer only


nissan ud CD48L CD48 cd 48flat powder truck for sale japan

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2005 Nissan diesel UD big thumb MT


13070cc diesel.

880,000kms around.

Good working conditions.

2005 Nissan diesel UD big thumb CD48L truck trucks for sale in japan

880,000kms around no wound up.
Wound up trucks make fun of us, bidders.



nissan diesel UD big thumb CD48 trucks for sale japan

Inspect chasis bent reasoning that heavy trucks carry heivy stuffs all the time.





2000 Nissan diesel UD model CD48 13,000.-cc diesel 1,000,000km around.

nissan diesel UD cd48 flat trucks f


cd 48 nissan diesel UD

I exported tons of cd450,cv46V(1900)(CD46V)flat to Burma

You remember my name, don’t you? I displayed my 10 ton trucks in fromt of my new house in Yangon,Myanmar.

honda steed japan

Honda steed mine Big gas saver to each auctions.

I was jogging all the time around Inya lake.

2019 me.




2007 nissan ud flat truck 15 ton model CD48L 12,500cc diesel 7mt

354,000km around. The sales point 354,000km around–Be advised that you better ask the buyer’s sponsor as for such short km, but expensive though, reasoning that export bound belong to usually 1,000,000kms around or would up trucks.

CD48L Nissan UD 15 ton


although it is expensive, be better persuasive for your sponsor






2003 nissan UD CD48 7MT , good working condition.


2002 NIssan CD48 tipper truck 303,000km around. 13,100cc diesel.

fob japan Yen3,220,000.-  Ask us the photos,please


2004 nissan ud CD48L, 13070cc diesel 15 ton load.

998,800km around. Engne:GE13.
2004 nissan ud cd48L GE13 sales japan

2004 nissan ud cd48L sales japan GE13 -1

2004 nissan ud CD48L sales japan GE13

=======2011 Nov.10.

1999 Hino powder truck available model FE1J GDA ,7960cc diesel, km-un-known.


NIssan CD48 powder truck(This truck is so old, so not suitable to export bound).

powder bulk carrier truck–Nissan UD

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansering machines working

Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge



1990 around 10 ton powder trucks 10 ton base.–I can offer you fob Japan Yen1,850,000.-


1994 hino profia 10 ton powder truck model FS1 1,000,000km around

fob japan Yen1,850,000.-

1995 nissan diesel dump truck cw53ahvd for sale in japan

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kazuo Kuroyanagi 10 ton trucks exporter in japan

kazy kuroyanagi mus drive long distance a lot, so

660cc kei cars is the best

used 10 ton trucks export sell in japan for sale

He is chief Mechanics within 6 ones. He took out tipper lifter 100% from the tipper(lifter oil leaks)

Our stocked.

Out 10 ton towing tuck

1o tonne crane lift cpacity 10 ton trucks for sale in japan

Towing truck with 10 ton lcrane lift cpacity






1995 nissan diesel CW53 1o ton tipper dump truck. 17990cc,diesel,

V8,350ps. model:CW53AHVD.Km un-known status.

Both are 10 ton truck mechanics. I am in the center.Karate Kid

Our factory pretty huge—-


====================================All the time search==========






1997 nissan UD model cw53ahvd 6×4 88,000km around.

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansering machines working
Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

Mobile phone is for my established customer only

UD nissan CW55 CD53 flat 10 ton dump truck tipper sale japan import 10T 10ton

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1998 Nissan diesel UD big thmb cw55ahud 7mt

21200cc diesel.

Good working condiions.

nissan diesel UD big thumb cw55ahud tipper dump truck trucks for sale in japan


nisssan diesel UD big thumb cw55 tipper tippers truck trucks cw55ahud for sale in japan



nissan diesel UD tipper tippers dump truck trucks 10 ton tonne for sale in japan





1998 nissan ud 7MT model:CD53 18,000cc diesel km-un-known.

RG8, 350ps. KM-un-known.

350ps,RG8, Good working condition.

both are mechanics, I am in the center








Nissan UD CD53 flat cargo and CD53 dump truck available with Auction bid.

2011 Nov.18.


NIssan 15 ton flat cargo truck now available.

1996-1999. All wheels are 12 note. 18,000cc diesel.



Use the search for other trucks such as NIssan UD, Hino, Isuzu

Search is here,   right down there.


2011 Oct.26

Nissan UD 4 ton dump truck available now. condor.

Photos right away–ask us.

2002 Nissan UD 10 ton dump truck

fob Japan 6,245,000.- Condition:pretty highly good

spces,  Model-CW55X, 212,200cc 530,000km around, Engine–RH8

As the condiion is pretty upper level, so not suitable for export bound note.


1997  Nissa UD 10 ton dumper 450,000km around. 6MT 400ps,

Engine RH8,


Nissan UD

Model CW55

Nissan UD


10 ton tipper

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansering machines working
Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

Mobile phone is for my established customer only

Nissan UD 10 ton big thumb CW520 CW520PN concrete pump truck sale japan import 10ton

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Karate 4 dan used car exporter

what counts for used cars is engine rotatiom, not body surface,bruised interior
tranmission time lag,drive shaft noise, Idling, no need data logger.

Over fob Japan 2 milliom Yen, reasoning of short kms

1991 Nissan diesel UD 6M& selfloader 246,000km around.

The model:CW520PN,








1995 Nissan UD dump truck model:CW520HVD 7MT.

10 ton capacity/ Good working condition. Good mechanically condition, load lifter









2001 NIssan dump tipper truck model:Cw520HVD,958,000km around.

FOB Japan Yen 2,133,250.-


1994 Nissan cw520 dump truck tipper 800,000km around.

Model-CW520. 16,990cc diesel.

1994 nissan cw520 for sale japan 800k

1994 nissan cw520 for sale japan 800k-1


2012 NOV.

1991–1994 Nissan UD CW520 dump truck fob japan Yen2,000,000.-

KM-un-known 10 ton load capacity. As long as engine good condition.

I can offer to you.

*****1988-1990  4 ton type concrete pump truck–fob Japan Yen800,000.- to Yen900,000.-

around. These trucks has missing parts here, there and anwhere. Please not get hair difference

as to such missing parts. 1988 7540cc mitsubishi fighter pump trucks MT6. 1990

mitsubishi fuso fighter model FK417 MT6 type etc

10 ton type concrete pumps trucks–1993–hino fob Japan Yen1,300,000.-

I can offer to you.

==================                                              =========================

As to concrete pump trucks, tons of brand exist in Japan such as Nigata, Furukawa and IHI.

YOu do not have limit Isuzu or Nissan-UD

Nissan UD bigsum CW520 concrete pump truck sale japan import

UD Nissan




MT6, Engine-RF8, 17,000cc Piston type, Radio controll-This truck belong to

10 ton type note, while ordinary type belong to 4 ton type. 10 ton type or 4 ton type note.


E-mail first, come that may, Direct call later,please,but established customer.
In google search, you better put the word (japan), because we sell in Japan. SALE+JAPAN

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Burmese myanmar Burma ruby sale mogok unheated for sale japan type a jadeite

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Already you went to Yangon,Myanmar, then your noticed non-investable no-

heated rubies in Yangon. In Myanmar no investable rubies at all already–I know that, because I I merried with Burmease-Chinese before adn I am one of Chinese gems groups down there. As per down, 2.28 CT with 2 JPN certificats which you show non heated color indications, red and vivid purpulish red or somrthing.

If you do need, SSEF certificate, USD32500.-. SSEF Charge is USD2,500.-

That photo-Mr.Kazuo Kuroyanagi 2018 NOV.

I am used car exporter,too for Burma bound used cars. and ruby dealers.


Except my real stocks,

I am situated to work on comission agent for only Burmease no heat ruby, 10~20CT.
ONe time I was merried to be Burma lady, and then divorced, accordinly I get
very extensive huge China business network. One time I was one of The Cina Business
NetWork, Not now, but still I have Burma ruby extensive contacts. I made my new house
in Mayangon, then I did business about 5 years in Myanmar.
Burmease still stock 10~20CT myanmar no heat ruby, at which buy and sell goes
through generation to generation. Burmease not hurry at all to sell big Carrat
Burma ruby. Burmease ruby is like Kashimir saffaire matters.
I am agent of very expensive ruby in Burma non heat ruby certifified by SSEF or Guberin
Swiss.Before your inquiry, show me the letter of Intent,please by e-mail.
Price range which Burmease hold is USD600,0000,- to 8,000,000.- around USD
Try one time to me, or better buy Cristie’s and sothby’s , and other gem Burma broker
or something. EX-Myanmar high ranked Officers network is not influential.
If you searching high priced Burma origin ruby, you wil let me know, sir or Mam.
I have high priced ruby map in my brain trhough my expeiirnce in Myanmar before.
Burma ruby is just seller’s market, not buyer’s market note as for Burma origin
no heat ruby certified by SSEF or Gubein. I am very open and honet to the fault.
Email is the best orleave a message to my mobile not listed on the web page.


I am karate kid, grade 4 stage. my left streight is very swif

2017 NOV.17–I will pick you up airport near here after you drop by Yangon Myanmar. See the the most down here—

Yangon gems right now get wild price all over the Myanmar, reasoning that

non heat ruby none or some sapphire either in Myanmar, being thronged with

Chinese and Americans–See as per down-noted.


2017 NOV.15 updated.

Please forget about our old page “shouten” which was made up 2005

which is near out web sight here in google, reasoning that right now I,Japanese, live in in Japan, because I was divorced with Burma lady in the past

Right now 2.286 CT mogok unheated ruby for sale in Japan with 22k Burma -make gold ring, Still the condition belong to “loose” situation, reasoning that I must make up SSEF gem report if you like, but already certified it is unheated already and excessively transprent  by Chu-o houseki lab in Tokyo, head quartered:YOu can glance over themal photograph photos in our web, at which 3 portioned silk inclusions are to be seen which is portaryed by white slanted lined-partiles.

Crystals are portalyed clearly without crystals not being broken by heat or something:so-called white particles

After you check out 2.286 CT stuff here, I can make down my price price if your be

ating down proposal get reason. This is no mail order note.


2017 NOV.updated in Nagoya,japan,

It is japanese words page, but you can glance at photos :

Kuroanagi shoten Ltd japan is used car exporter and gem dealer of only ruby, sapphire, jadeit and perido of Myanmar. NO MAIL ORDER, BUT BE ON THE SPOT NAGOYA CITY,JAPAN.

Any SSEF gems report ,Gubelin report, and GIA report or something again very much welcome, but you pay it in advance in Nagoya, costing around USD1,000.- to

USD1,500.- or so, but already certified by Central rems report showing themal tomography photos. If you do not trust that japanese certificate, SSEF and Gubelin

is welcome again for certifications via your charge. Certificates for any Mogok rubies. We stocked severals except 2.286CT mogok rubies with ring.

2.288ct mogok ruby  Another photos, 2,28CT burma mogok unheated ruby 22k gold ring
(made in Myanmar).

Japanese appraisal certificate available( no heat certified by the themal tomography photos.
White particles all b elong sil includtions). English certificate avaialable by Chuo gem lab in Japan.
JPN certificate ;Japan Appraisal certificate with laser tomography photo
If you like, SSEF must be much possible. You must be in nagoya to check it out
along ful payment. NO mail order,please.

Myanmar a jade=jadeite 6.2CT

Myanmar a jade=jaydiete (japanese owrds explanations)

certified, 6.2CT Burma jadiet USD7,300,- ex go down in nagoya, The mail order NO.

YOu must be in nagoya to check it out. Certified by chuo gemology,  already put up in the page(japanese words), but SSEF gem identification is much possible if you like

The right 2.28CT with 22k gold ring. The left pendant 1.6CT, also Burma unheated mogok ruby

The themal phography photo here :



The above all no heat mogok rubies.

all MOgok no heat sapphire;

Disregard the +Japanese words, but only photos


The detailed photos as per The right;USD30,000.-

The left;USD15,000.- If your counter offer to buy is reasonable, I can beat down the price. Without reason, I never ever get down the my offered price. 2.286 ct ruby is

Sotheby’s diplay grade:HK appraiser  of Sotherb’s come up to Tokyo NOv, before the

Sothb’y auction

2.28CT mogok unheated ruby 2017

2.28CT mogok unheated ruby 2017, pink+red+purple

1000% unheated, Themal tomogphy

1.6CT mogok ruby pendant,
Inclusions are very impressive, calcite and apatite inclusions

You must be in Japan, or no business,please



2017 Oct. Burmease 100% unheated ruby 2.28CT already certified byGemology Insitute in Japan such as silk inclusion, apatie and calcite inclusions. Color; extremely upper level/red+pink+puple.

Ex-go-done my home in nagoya USD30,000.-

Payment;On the spot. You must be in nagoya city to see the gems.

If you like, ssef or Gubelin certificate is possible, too.

Stock location;Japan +81804542 4172  Mr.Kazuo Kuroyanagi,

Kuroyanagi Shoten Ltd Japan.


dolomite,calcite,apatite inclusions cann been seen cleary.

Transprency is excelent

Dense silk also.

Color;red+purple, fluorescence strong

Thermal photography inspections already done for 2.28CT and 1.6CT ruby. No heat treatment at all. Although guest crystals etc still sometime exist after 500-600 dgree heat treatment, thermal test result say even low tempreture heat  treatment such as 500-600 dgree c

as for these 2 vubies 2.28CT and 1.6CT  had not been done so far


Unheated mogok ruby is red+pink+purple, while heated Mong Hsu rubies color is strong red leaving white particles such as white cloude. Mogok no heat ruby inclusions is quite differnt from that of Mong Hsu note.

Mr.kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge, +8180 4542 4172(mobile)

I work on Burmease ruby for about 20 years. My new house one time Mayangon TSP,Yangon, but After divorce with Burmese lady, I keep on staying in Japan.

Mogok inclusions containe, guest cystls, apatite and calcite etc along silk.

sometimes Boemite neeedle and rombohidral status.

2.286CT no heat at all(even no heat 500~700 dgree)ruby get slight includtions.

6.2ct type a jadiete certified no treatement. USD7,300.- ex go down In Nagoya No mail order, but you must be in Nagoya to check it out.

with gold ring. Always loose form, because addiona gem inspection ready any time you like

100% certified in Japan

If you would like to check out gems that are all non heat, all country of origin-Myanmar, I go to Centrair air port in Nagoya to pickyou up,
My car is very small, no big baggage,please.
I can reserve business hotel around USD50.-100.–before hand
around near my home if you like.
Kei-car 660cc if possible, professional buyer is the best to me. If not, that’llbe fine to me., because of gasoine high-priced in Japan unlike USA.
YOur country–Narita International airport in Japan
Centrair Internation air port In Aichi, IN japan.
Payment;Japanese Yen Cash right after I take you to JPN bank near here in the daytime only.
My ID;valid US social security number, expired california
driver’s license, valid JPN driver’s license

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