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1993 isuzu 810 giga cxz72jd tipper dump truck for sale in japan

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We fix Phllipines bound CXZ concered huge tipper,dump trucks in our yard.

We never ever set up our agent in Phillipines.

My partner belong Srilankans. We have 6 mechanics in our yard.


Used to be Heiwa auto in Osaka exported tons of cars, Now our turn.

I, Mr.Kazuo Kuroyanagi exports lots huge truck to Myanmar in 1990, reasoning tha tI was merried with Burma lady before. In Burma  bound importers belong chinese business men.

We are looking for New Phillipines buyers right now just giv eme e-mail. NO calls please.

cx72jd 10 ton tipper dump truck fir sale in japan


isuzu cxz72jd tipper for sale japan


We would like to export 2~4 ton Isuzu trucks rather than isuzu cxz81 etc, reasoning that our mark up is so small.

Our factory is just neat JU Aichi=ACA used cars auto auctions.



1993 isuzu 810 giga 20010cc diesel model:CXZ72jd 6×4 7mt km-un-known status. KM-un-known CZX72jd a lot in professional used truck auctions. Wound -up trucks are to be seen right away on the spot as soon as  I inspect engine room.

Why displayer like to wind up the speed meter? Better deal or something?

Both are 10 ton truck mechanics. I am in the center.Karate Kid my left streight is faster than Phllipines machine guns

The right is 10 ton truck expoert, Ansar mohomad


#Use search box for other isuzu  right down there.

2007 CXZ52 10 ton tipper  —–

isuzu 10 ton  —–

oooooooooooooo                                 00000000000000000                00000000000000

NOV.5.2011=====I can offer 1995 isuzu model CXZ81k1d d10 ton dump truck, fob Japan

CXZ81K1D truck—

Yen2,690,000.- km=un-known condition.  Color–yellow.

000000000000                      00000000000000000                       00000000000–kazuo


2003 Isuzu giga model CXZ51.




10 ton capaciy.

Payment–full TT advance(No half and half after or before–deposit)No negotiation of

payment term of ours, or no business,please.

Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd Japan
#501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
tel fax +81 52 803 1870(Appointment is must)

PS–20011 Oct, Japanese currency is very very strong, so trucks price is not cheap, rhough

2007 hino ranger crane fc3j trucks used for sale japan fs3F 10 #ton #dumper

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2002 Hino ranger crane boom truck 6mt 400,000km around. 4 staged boom 6630cc model FC3j

fc3j hino ranger crane truck for sale japan


hino ranger fc3j boom truck for sale


fc3j ranger crane trucks


It is myself.


honda steed japan

Honda steed mine


big gas saver in Japan. Too expensive gas cost.



2007 hino range crane truck 6.4d 1,000,000km around.

model;FE7 6mt, good working condition.

2007 model ranger crane truck







1993-1994 hino fs3f. fs3fkbd, 10 ton dump trucks dumper  km-un-known condition.

Engine-must-be-good.. I can bid for fob Japan Yen2,000,000.- with you ban fob Japan amount bank addvance in the auction.


2011 May

Use search box to see other crane trucks such as NIssan UD Hino crane trucks,

Or you will lose chance


1996 HINO 4 ton trucks crane 340,000km around. 8.0D

Model  FE1

FE1J 8.0D


2010 June 18.

1990 Hino ranger 4 ton truck.

Carne truck, 5 stage boom, aluminum bed walls,flat,

6.5 D turbo km-kn-known, MT6, fob Japan Yen1,250,000.-


If you are in need of something, You will let us know


CD45 X CD48 X CD53 X CG45 X CM87 X CM88 X crane X CV32 X CV45 X CV48 X CVR70 X CW55 X CXZ71 X CXZ72 X CYM51 X dump X EF2 X FC3 X FD2 X FD3 X FE1 X FE568 X FG50 X FK61 X FK617 X FK618 X fkatbed X FN1 X FR1 X FR2 X FR3 X FRR35 X FS2 X FS3 X FS510 X FT510 X FU410 X FU415 X FU510 X FU515 X FV419 X FV424 X FW1 X FW3 X FW50 X hino X isuzu X kato X KR250 X mitsubishi X MK21 X MK210 X MK211 X MK250 X MK251 X MK252 X MK260 X NKR66 X NRR32 X PK251 X SH3 X SR4 X tadano X tank X TC28 X TC404 X TFR151 X truck X WD154XR. Even if I stated all models here, anything cannot have have something with export.


Unless you have special intersts as to the above, you never understand them.

Used truck,crane,forklift–exporter in Japan

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#501 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
tel fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403  for established customer only
E-mail first, come that may,  Direct call later,please,but established customer.
In google search, you better put the word (japan), because we sell in Japan.


2000 Mitsubishi FK61 7.5D Without bed, chasis only condition MT6. MT7 sale

2001 FT50 MT6 12,880cc, without bed, chasis only condition sale

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2004 nhs69ea nkr 81 nps 72 tipper Isuzu #Elf #dump #truck #2 #ton #for sale #japan

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Car exporter Kararate 4 dan

=We handle half cuts, front clip and head of trucks
YOur payment requisite before our cutting half, or no business,please.

year,model are must or no business.



2007 isuzu elf nkr81-model; nkr81ad 4800cc diesel 5MT 207,000kms around.

Good working conditions as it is. Advance pay beforehand. No load.

2007 isuzu elf nkr81ad 4800 diesel tipper dump truck for sale in japan


2007 isuzu elf nkr81ad 4800 diesel tipper dump truck for sale in japan


2007 isuzu elf nkr81ad 4800 diesel tipper dump truck for sale in japan


Our stocks as per down—–

hino tracter trucks fro sale in japan

Used Hino wing trucks for sale in japan

hino 10 ton tipper dump trucks for sale in japan used


Our factory Most trucks stocks isuzu CW concerns Hino



1996 isuzu elf 1.5 ton AT 4wd with power gate


60,000kms around,

Good working conditions.

3050cc diesel

isuzu elf 1.5 ton nhs69ea for sale in japan



NHS69EA 3050cc diesel

nhs69ea isuzu elf japan

1,5 tonns with powr gate


isuzu elf 4x4 trucks for sale in japan


2004 isuzu elf nps72ln 5MT pantec box truck

416,000kms around< good working conditions.

5000 diesel. 4wd.

2004 isuzu elf 4wd 4x4 pantec truck for sale in japan

416,000kms around? Wound up.

Elf nps 72 4x4 truck for sale


Elf nps72LN 2 ton truck for sale japan




NKR 81 tippers on and on get into our yard/

Tons of photos will be put up, but for get about it if sold out.

Isuzu elf,forward etc are specially good in enginesm/titan.? Mitsubishi fuso? Daihatsu?Hino is good as tipper。Hinoo tipper–good>、

Todat 3 units tippers got in our yard,so After put the photos, then sold out. Late photos put, I am pooped today.


We have NKR81 isuzu tipper dump truck 2 ton 11 units, so




we keep on putinng them here, so check it out our stocks of NKR81 tippers. others belong to Hino deutro 2 ton tipper and Nissan atrals 2 ton tippers note. Let us know. and Isuzu 3 ton tipper NJR85


2004 isuzu elf 2 ton tipper dump truck, no leaks, T. –kms

I will let know –kms and driver’s seats site along with other photos to the interrsted party. Good working condition.

All professional used cars auction closed right now ranging for one weal around.

japanee used car exporter japanI use it to each auction, and get around aucions.



2004 isuzu elf 2 ton tipper 180,000km around diesel.

Clutchess smoother. MT=manual shift an no clutch pedal, Not Automatics all right.

the drive shaft good. truck goes streight,stopped and turn properly.

No oil leaks.

See 2 pedals, No AT, but MT, Clutchless MT. some do not know–this is not automatic gear, but manul shift clutchess

the left is myself, while the right belong to 1o ton truck exper

Center is me. both sides are truck mechanics


2017 updated

2003 Isuzu elf MT 4.8 diesel tipper dump truck 195,000km around.

good working condition. Model:NKR66EP.



2016 updated

2004 Isuzu elf tipper dump truck model:NKR81AD MT 190,000km around.

2 ton with AC MT. Good working condition.









2003 NKR81ED Isuzu tipper 2 ton low bed truck 184,000km around. diesel.

Good working condition.

2003 isuzy elf nkr 81 nkr81ed tipper dump truck for sale in japan 184k

2003 isuzy elf nkr 81 nkr81ed tipper dump truck for sale in japan 184k-1

2003 isuzy elf nkr 81 nkr81ed tipper dump truck for sale in japan 184k-2



2006 isuzu elf 3 ton tipper MT 160,000km around.


3770cc diesel, Engine and mission good working condition,

Piston rins--good, Drive shaft good. No oil leaks lift cylinder

Piston rins–good, Drive shaft good. No oil leaks lift cylinder

Truck goes streight, Clutch remainders--good

Truck goes streight, Clutch remainders–good

2001 isuzu NKR81ED tipper 4,800cc diesel fob JapanUSD11,000.-

2 ton


1999 Isuzu NKR66ED 2 ton tipper 106,000km around MT.

Hydraulic oil leaks(you just fix youself in you place). Dump up and down

right now as it it working well, fob Japan USD7,500.-

YOucan ask us the photos if intersted in  Photo1, Photos 2



2003 isuzu elf truck with power gate 3 ton MT 146,000km, LPG.

Liquefield petroleum gas, 4.6 , Engine ,mission good working condition.

Idling stable, clutch good,

Idling stable, clutch good,

fuel injectors good, so no black smoke

fuel injectors good, so no black smoke

Drive shaft good,

Drive shaft good,



1992 nkr66ed 4330cc diesel 217,000km

C&F dar Es salaam 9,700.-USD

Price differ depending inspection contents.

Touch up paints fine? tinny dent fine? More down C&F

1992 isuzu elf 2 ton tipper dump truck nkr66 nkr66ed for sale in japan 4330cc diesel 217k

1992 isuzu elf 2 ton tipper dump truck nkr66 nkr66ed for sale in japan 4330cc diesel 217k-1

1992 isuzu elf 2 ton tipper dump truck nkr66 nkr66ed for sale in japan 4330cc diesel 217k-2

If re-paints costly, NO sell to Africa note.


1993 isuzu 10ton dump truck 1,000,000km round.

20,000cc diesel F7 MT.

1993 isuzu dump truck tipper cxz72jd 1000k sale japan

1993 isuzu dump truck tipper cxz72jd 1000k sale japan-1

1993 isuzu dump truck tipper cxz72jd 1000k sale japan-2



1994 isuzu nkr66ed dumper 70,000km around 4.3D

fob Japan USD11,900.- or your counter buyiing offer, photos available, beutifully-



NKR66ED dumper  —-



1995 isuzu 2 ton dump truck tipper 46,000km around diesel

fob japan Yen950,000.- photo available now.

Sale point–46,000km around and diesel, tipper



1995 isuzu elf 2 ton dumper sale 140,000km around.

Model:nkr55ed,  4.3D

Payment:full advance before that,please.

1995 isuzu 2 ton dumper dump truck for sale in japan nkr66ed 140k

1995 isuzu 2 ton dumper dump truck for sale in japan nkr66ed 140k-1

1995 isuzu 2 ton dumper dump truck for sale in japan nkr66ed 140k-2


1996 isuzu 2 ton dump truck 140,000km around model NKR66ED 4.3D


Use search box for other 2 ton dump trucks,please (search box in the first page-home)

2011 JUne     isuzu 2 ton flat —


2011 June

1997 isuzu 2 ton dump truck 110,000km around Model:NKR66ED.

1997 isuzu 2 tons dumper tipper 64,000km around 4.3D Model NKR66ED

No calls, but e-mail-we are busy all the time for pro auction bids

2011 June

1999 Isuzu elf 2 ton dump truck 60,000km around, soshort km is not suitable to Africa, but NZ or somehere. Model:NKR66ED 4.3D  fob Japan Yen1,000,000.- sharp-rockbottem price, no price down-negotiablity note.

fob Japan Yen890,000.-



57(1989 Isuzu dump 2ton high back MT 70,000km model’NPR59 3.9D Isizu ELF 3.5 Turbo FOB Japan Yen600,000.- Of laate 2009 June the number of the exported used truck decreased a lot, but still Kuroyanagi shouten get stout side in exporting business–used trucks, 2 ton, 4 ton

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or answering machines working

Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge

E-mail first,
Later on my mobile +81 80 4542 xxxx
Mobile is only for established customer onl