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1993 hino super dolphin profia concrete mixer fs 3 fs4 tipper dump fs3fkbd fs4fkcd for sale in japan fs3

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1992 Hino super dolphin 6MT 17200cc diesel

The model:FS2HKAD, 900,000kms around (The speed meter wound back)

Good working condition

1992 hino super dolphin fs2 fs2fkad 17200cc diesel tipper dump truck for sale japan

900,000kms around, wound up note


1992 hino super dolphin fs2 fs2fkad 17200cc diesel tipper dump truck for sale japan



2001 hino profia concrete mixer 20800cc diesel MT



214,000kms around.

hino profia concrete mixer used for used japan


2001 FS4fkga 10ton concrete mixer for sale japan


2001 hino profia F21c concrete mixer for sale





2000 hino super dolphin profia 20,780cc deisel 6MT 1,230,000kms around.

Good working conditions. tipper dump turck.

hino super dolphin profia fs4 for sale in japan

model FS4:big engine-20,780cc deisel


fs4 super dolphin profia model fs4 for sale


hibo fs4 tipper dump truck for sale in japan



1996 hino super dolphin prophia 10ton tipper dump truck

model:FS3 19,680cc diesel 7MT 941,000km around? The speed meter wound up note. model:FS3FRD,Mecanically good working conditions,

Export bound 10 ton trucks are more or less 1,000,000km around or wound up


7MT The spped meter 941,000km around?





1997 hino super dolphin profia 7MT. Model:FS4FKCD 20780cc diesel km-un-known,F21c-engine,430ps. Good working conditiion.



1993 hono super dolphin profia model:FS3FKBD 19680cc diesel.V8 F20C, 380ps. km-un-known .

Both are 10 ton truck mechanics. I am in the center.Karate Kid

Right side is my friend. 10 ton truck expert, we ar near JU aichi(asa auto auction)




hino super dolphin profia tipper truck engine–F17S, 1997

16740cc, V8,320ps.

fs1fpda hino super dolphin profia f17d 320ps used hino engine 1


fs1fpda hino super dolphin profia f17d 320ps used hino engine


2012 Mar offer

1991 Hino 10 ton dump truck.


Engine-F17E, 860,000km around.


2011 Nov.2

1996 hino profia flat, 1000,000km? 19,680cc 15 ton

Engine needs to be inspected< clutch lamp on.

model FS3FWDA-Not dumper, but flat truck

fob Japan Yen1,376,000.-


2011 Nov>2

1990 hino flat 10 ton truck 840,000km around.


fob japan Yen1,758,000.-

2011 NOV.1

1993-1994 hino fs3f. fs3fkbd, 10 ton dump trucks dumper  km-un-known condition.

Engine-must-be-good.. I can bid for fob Japan Yen2,000,000.- with you bank fob Japan amount bank addvance in the auction

1990–1991 hino 10 ton dumper km-un-known condition, Engine must be good,

I can bid for fob japan Yen1,440,000.-

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601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
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Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge


Communication is only e-mail,please
My mobile phone +8190-4542-xxxx is only for established customer


1996 hino model FS1FKBD for fob Japan Yen2,306,000.- (wound up meter)

For un-traned importers–take hino 10 ton dump only, not thinking about complicated model

indications. 10 ton sumpers or 4 ton dumpers etc. Exported 10 ton dump trucks almost wound up in the speedmeters which is very foolish thing

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