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micro car 660cc for sale for USA gasline price hike

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This time let me state as to gasoline price hike here, there and woerld all over, excpet oil production coutry such as Middelse eas area, Russia and eternaol production Brazil etc. As they are very rich now, their gasoline price is cheap :just nothing. Japanese used Kei cars sale–660cc–I use all the time as my working pick up trucks everydays. The price of gasoline right now is too much expensive in Japan right now, and by far more expensive than that of the USA that is still cheap being comapred with the gasoline price hike in Japan. Used micro cars already to exported to the USA(660cc) such as Suzuki, daihatsu, subaru, Mitsubishi-

All mini kei or k trucks belong 660cc. As Japanese gaslone price hike is beyond my patience, so I

am likely to drive motor cycle or kei trucks for my working. Sea freight from Japan to Los Angles, Houston, Norwlk, NY is juts nothing, but sea freight depend on the final dis-charge POrt, NY is the most expensive, while the cheapest bleong LA, California. The sea freight around USD500~600,- depending on the final dis charge POrt. I would like to glance over this page spcially to final consumer, not professinal Intemiators.

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How to save gas for vehicle purchase

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Please buy 660cc k or kei trucks or vans. Importable to USA, while I have already exported kei trucks to USA, Suzuki carry, Mitsubishi minica, subaru samber, daihatsu hijet, AT or MT. UP to 1997 model, US import the above tiny trucks or vans SEa  Freight around USD600. around from Japan to USA, but the most far plce Port is the most expensive such as NY port. LA Port CA is the cheapest, Houston, Norwalk, Baltimore= Oridinary Japanese cars belong to around 1,300cc to 3,000cc around–you cannot import 1300cc~3000cc japanese make right hand drive used cars=banned by USA goverment. One tinny kei car or kei truck is transported by roro vessel one by one. Minimum order–one unit .  YOu can glance over tinny cars =kei cars in our homepage down noted. Micro trucks, micro vans type micro wagon.

This kei small trucks are things like motorcycles.


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