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2002 toyota land cruiser prado 3.0 diesel tx kdj95 for sale japan

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TAG ;”kdj95″ 3.0 prado tx for sale japan will be best I guess, AI anallizer say so, not me.

Tag selection give you better deal note. Thank and think gode”m think,people


2002 toyota land cruiser tx AT 4wd 8 seaters tz 178,000kms around.

Good working conditions.

2002 toyota land cruiser kdj95 tz for sale in japan

AT fully loaded


2008 land cruiser kdj95w tz japan

The drive shaft–good. AT transmission no time lag.


transmission no time lag

transmission no time lag

2000 toyota land cruiser 3.0 diesel turbo Tx At 150,000km around

fully loaded. Condition–good working.

idling stable

Engine start--one quick fine. The drive shaft--good

Engine start–one quick fine. The drive shaft–gKuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
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