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2005 nissan moco kei car for sale in japan

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I am in the left, The right is Minamilanaka international, 10 ton truck expert

2005 nissan keicar moco 660cc At fully loaded 97,000km around.

Everyday I use this Moco kei car to professional used car auction.

Much gas saver car. AC–working. AW, AC/PS/PW/PM–all good working

Engine Idling stable–good.

fob Japan USD1,200.-

model:MG21s, 660cc gasoline

(Moco has one weak point–that parts are fine via denso or Mitsubishi parts).

Often times, Moco engine idling get down all of sudden, then people cannot turn on

AC switch, reasoning that engine idling is low down. The center position is daid to be boken , but it is not true. the left side breaks down. check out exhaust emission or pressure or something. Moco can ran barely with 2 pistons–tough and stout kei car

660cc.Moco has turbo, 4wd or 2wd, spark pug clearance each be different between turbo moco and 4wd moco. Do take the moco to Nissan dealer, and repair moco by used parts. Do not ask Suzuki Motor Co., as to Nissan moco in spite of K6a engine.

Suzuki Motor Co., never answer to us regarding Nissan moco

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd. Japan Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge.

In japan

tel fax +8152-803-1870

Mobile 080-4542-xxxx(the established customer only).


2003 nissan moco mg21s for sale import in japan

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my own car offer 2005 Moco.





2003 NIssan Moco MG21S for sale AT fully loaded 660cc 110,000km around.

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#510 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403


Export is wholesale, not retail, so business speed is pretty fast note.

Mechanics and trader, Kuroyanagi shouten Ltd.