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2002 toyota alphard 3.0 ax 4wd 2.4 mnh10w MNH15 for sale in japan

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2002 toyota alphard AT 2.4G AX 4wd fully loaded 7 seats,

model:anh10w, good working condition. 120,000km around.

AT transmission:no shocks,
No time lags for each shift.
Drove shaft good

Emission color–none along good vapors. pinston rings no worn out. Kazuo Kuroyanagi is much mechanical oriented used car exporter. Whos cares about auction grade.If you do not chage 30,000km no oil change, the engine is almost near dead note.

The drive shaft no noise fine.
Car goes streight, turn and stopped properly.




2003 toyota alphard 3.0G 8 seaters AT 142,000km around.

MOdel:MNH15 good working condition.

The alternator voltage–good. drive shaft–good

The idling stable–good.
Transmission no time lag.
Engine start right away by one click


2002 toyota alphard 2.4 g ax 4wd power slide AT 178,000km around.

2400cc , Engine,mission good, Piston rings good.

Very easy enginestarting:One click, then engine rotation.


Engine sudden high RPM good. Drive shaft good.

Engine sudden high RPM good. Drive shaft good.




Alternator--good,Starter solenoid--good. One push--then starting

Alternator–good,Starter solenoid–good.
One push–then starting


Piston rings--good. No carbon sludges-oil cap. Voltage^--good.

Piston rings–good. No carbon sludges-oil cap.

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