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2015 2013 2012 2006 3.0 vew25 gx nissan caravan nv350 rider for sale in japan

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What counts for used cars is engine rotations, not body surface ,bruised interior
Transmission time lag,Drive shaft noise, Idling, no need data logger. Engine room color after oil cap off
Even if Auction grade is high, engine bad lots of times,
Oil cap off and Idling inspections etc. even auction grade 4.5 get engine bad note.


2006 Nissan Caravan 3000cc diesel GX

Model:VEW25 long

167,000kms around.

Automatic. with navigation

Good working conditions.


2006 Nissan caravan vew25 3.0 diesle gx for sale in japan

Transmission good.
NO time lags in changing gear.


nissan caravan VEW25 GX long 2006 japan


2006 Nissan caravan VEw25 long GX 3.0 diesel for sale japan



2015 Nissan caravan AT DX long 2.0G

103,000kms around.


Good working conditions.

2015 nissan caravan nv350 for sale


2015 nissan caravan nv350 japan





2013 Nissan caravan nv350 5MT efrigerator freezer 94,000km around.

2.5 diesel. Good working conditions.

2013 nissan caravan nv350 for sale in japan


2013 nissan nv350 refrigerator freezer for sale in japan


nv350 manual shift mt 2013 for sale in japan

refrigerator freezer van 2013 NV350 5MT

kazuo kuroyanagi


kzuo kuroyanagi mtorcycle each auction





2012 Nissan caravan AT DX 124,000km around. model:VW6E26 2.5 diesel long

NV350 , Good working conditions.

2012 nissan caravan nv350 2.5 diesel for salel in japan

The drive shaft good. If it is broken, that will be the fatal damage, cost high in fix.


nv350 nissan caravan for sale in japan

Clutch worn-out dgreecounts. Some poor drive can break clutch in 2 weeks througha half clutch position.Clutch fix is also high cost.

nissan nv350 2.5 diesel for sale japan







2005 nissan caravan 2.4G AT stocked 130,000km around. Get search box in our homepage. Please search it, because each used cars not properly stored in the homepage:Our imput puncher is a bit lazy, ha! That’s 10 seater note.

2012 nissan caravan AT 2.0 rider, model:NV350 143,000km around.

transmission–good, no time lags

The cars goes streight.
No vivrations in high speed

Idling stable–good.
Co2 senser good, New plugs.

the drive shaft–good. No click noise.


2006 nissan caravan vwe25 3.0 diesel MT specs for sale in japan2014

2006 Nissan caravan MT

model:VPE25 3.0 diesel  180,000km around.


Kuroyanagi Nagoya based car exporter

Kuroyanagi Nagoya based
car exporter



2006 caravan van diesel model vwe25  AT 165,000km around diesel 3.0

Caravan search

2006 nissan caravan van vwe25 diesel sale japan 165k

2006 nissan caravan van vwe25 diesel sale japan 165k-2


2003 nissan caravan diesel vwe25 diesel van gx for sale japan

167,000km around 3.0D

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