1992 st185 1998 toyota Celica ST205 turbo GT4 gt-four for sale japan


1991 toyota celica st185 2.0 turbo gt-four 5mt

The good working conditions.

1991 toyota celica st185 2.0 turbo gt-four 5mt for sale in japan

The clutch–good,Idling stable–good.


1991 toyota celica st185 2.0 turbo gt-four 5mt for sale in japan

The car goes streight, turning right and left properly, The drive shaft good.


1991 toyota celica st185 2.0 turbo gt-four 5mt for sale in japan



Mechanical oriented japanese used car exporter

What does count is engine rotations.Auction grade 4 cars sometime engine bad if oil not changed properly. Iexperimented car myself engine broken when I did not change oil 20,000kms


1999 toyota celica gt4 MT turbo.

Model:ST205 2000cc gasoline


1999 toyota celica st205 gt4 2.0 turbo for sale in japan


st205 gt four turbo for sale japan



2006 toyota celica gt-four MT 162,000kms around.

model:ST205 2000 gasoline.Good worlking conditions,

toyota celica gt-four,gt4, manual shift for sale in japan

st205 2000 celica gt4 gt-four for sale japan

clutch is co-so good, Let alone under the body.

Idlin is bit unstable not sure, that time engine is cold still.
The drive shaft–good.



1992 toyota celica model:st185 gt-four 5mt 2.0 130,000km around, Good

working conditions,

st185 2.0 gt4







1994 toyota celica model:st205 gt-four 2.0 5mt 4wd 133,000km around.

good working conditions,

drive shaft–good,idling stable–good, all gear shifts smooth operations


Tires are japanese make,so no high speed vibrations


Sudden high RPM right after onw pedal push


2018 the photo taken, I used to be hot-rodder

long time ago



1994 toyota celica gt four MT 2.0G 4WD

180,000km around.

Good wo9rking condition.







1994 toyota celica gt four model ST205 125,000km around. MT


1998 GT-four, GT4, =toyota celica model ST205, MT 95,000km around.

Engine, mission good. Emission color–good, because piston rings working well so far.

Oil colors are good and stable( ifEngine gaslet broken, radiattor water color is too agly to see it)

Voltage stable and good(it shows alternator situations).

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 Or ansWering machines working,


Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge ks.nra30133@gmail.com



Communication is only e-mail,please
My mobile phone +8190-4542-xxxx is only for established customer


kazuo Kuroyanagi 10 ton trucks exporter in japan


used 10 ton trucks export sell in japan for sale

He is chief Mechanics within 6 mechanics. He took out tipper lifter 100% from the tipper(lifter oil leaks). He is hard headed Mechaincs.

Crane lift tipper loading bed





I wirte down each some different sotry of mine in my used car export.

If Alternator breaks down, I am suare that it is grave matter as troublesome.

Alternator not working means that it is regarded as non–running condition by JPN forwarding agent, accordinly extra fees must be added on such covering exported cars. Non running conditioned cars must be carried by forklift or something in port yard in Japan. IN car auctions,

Alternator inspection is very important on the spot;Voltage inspection is quite important.



For-un-known buyers–please explain to us your situations in details. Unless your explanations,
spot un-known purchaser have no chance .Reason I have my own established buyers since 1980


3 Responses to “1992 st185 1998 toyota Celica ST205 turbo GT4 gt-four for sale japan”

  1. Vance Chitolie. Says:

    How much USD$ are you asking for this car? Is the car still available? Are you willing to accept USD$ ? Please email me pictures of the engine.


  2. V. CHITOLIE Says:

    Mr. Kuroyanagi,
    What is the price?


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