honda Acura NSX NA1 vtec sale japan import

2011 April 27

Le t me ask you “How much affordable fob Japan price will be as for honda NSX to you?

Proablay NSX price in Japan is a bit expensive to you, so make down such selling price of NSX to the seller. Let’s change Japan used car auction going market rate together. Come on down!!

I guess that “buyer market ” now in Japan. I submit your buying target price to the seller by Japanese words.


2010 May 13.


2010 May

I saw the aobe NA1 AT in some auction, at which displyer put very high price in spite of high kms. I am leikly to encounter these cars  in the stireet still Nagoya city. As height is a bit low to me, not good because I get pain in my knees. The red above is totally different from the down-note red stuff. This sort of car belong to nostalgia nostalgic car already these days. IN professiona used car auction sometimes I see, but expensive -manual gear NA1. Professional used car auction dotted around 15 place in Nagoya city. License system

Appropriate body inspection(Not important)Minor
Engine blowing rising degree
Direct accelation feels to high RPM or not.
Turbin function such as noise,then  white smoke is out of question.
Engine oil, Radiator water color, Oil cap sludge trace,Gear feeling,
transmission time lag automatic, voltage check,drive shaft noise or not,
Water tempreture.  Clucth feeling–clutch worn out or not.
Emission color.
Idling unstable in a high boost is natural, but generally low boost set up.
T88 turbin has sometimes high boost presuure.
If PS motor breaks down, I take off PS belt, fix in your place. HIgh cost in Japan.


I iwork on Yahoo used car auctions, but foget about far-off place, because you pay my traveling fee anyway, so all the time near nagoya city is best for me and you.


2010 April  AT NA1 48,000km around 3.0G base grade BBS,

2010 Mar 13.


2010 Mar 14 offer auto–NSX–red


1991 Mint condition 98,000km AT 3.0G discharge headlights. Front-2156-40-17. Rear 255-35-18 , 17 and 18 inch. Recaro seats. Low rate–Ask us.

1991 NSX


Payment–bank wire transfer beforeshipment in Japan. Before TT.
we provide you 2 IDs. Passport and Japan drivers licese.


Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#510 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403 forlklifts and excavators
Google search tips for you
$$All the time google sarch+JP+sale is easier search in Japan limits on



7 Responses to “honda Acura NSX NA1 vtec sale japan import”

  1. Best reading I have had in a long time , reading it was an immense pleasure. But, from what you wrote its clear that, she are completely clueless about mercedes headlight is yesterdays news. Check my about mercedes headlight.,


  2. david anderson Says:

    any more details on nsx including price


  3. david anderson Says:

    i would like to enquire re price of nsx


  4. david anderson Says:

    thanks for reply will wait for details


  5. What is the price on the 1991 honda nsx?


    • Hellow Cole, sorry–I forgot your e-mail for long time.
      Black NSX AT has been negotiated with other party.
      I like to offer you sooner or later. Auto gear. MT NSX is still
      very high in even Japanese used car going rate. Very expensive still, not At one.


      Kazuo Kuroyanagi


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