1996-2000 #honda #CR-V #CRV #for #sale #japan import


2001 honda CR-V RD1 2.0G fullmark 110,000km around.

2001 honda cr-v fullmark 2.0 sales japan 110k


2001 honda cr-v fullmark 2.0 sales japan 110k-1


2001 honda cr-v fullmark 2.0 sales japan 110k-2


================================================  2005 CRV   2011 Oct.http://wp.me/pfC9D-1zy======================================1998
4WD, 2.0 smartscape At 5 doors.
model RD1
108,000km RD1- Studless tires, AW.
C&F Yangon Yen470,000.- One unit onlyphotos right away–ask us
Grade–4.0=======================================1999 CRV 2WD performa RD1 5doors 55,000km silver C&FYangon Yen620,000.- ask us the photos, right away sending to you.  4.0==================================Use search box for other CRVs and other carshttps://111kuroyanagi1.wordpress.com/
http://nagoyajapan1.wordpress.com/2011 June======================================================

honda CR-V sale 145K fullmark

2002 honda CR-V fullmark 145k

2011 April

2002 Honda CR-V AT 145,000km around 2.0G  fullmark



2010 Mar.27  CR-V



2010 Mar.22.



2010 Mar 14.offer CR-V



2001 honda CR-V sale, At fully loaded Navigations-TV. 56,000km model RD2, 2.0G

Engine, mission perfect condition. GradePerforma–DP-G

2001 RD1 performa 65k

2001 RD1 performa 65k-1

Kuroyanagi shoten Ltd Japan
#601, Oshikusa Skyhights, Oshikusa Danchi 104 Tou,
601 Gou, To-gocho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi,
470-0155 tel fax +81561 42 4432 just leave your message
in the answering machine


Kazuo Kuroyanagi in charge
E-mail first,
Mobile phone changed, because JPN mobile system is very out of date
My new mobile is only for established customer only


Used trucks 2011 Oct. stocks


3 Responses to “1996-2000 #honda #CR-V #CRV #for #sale #japan import”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Could you adivce us if you have the following for sale:
    1-Model: CRV
    Series: 2003, 2004, 2005
    Price:…………….? Import duty……$?
    How you can export to end user at CAMBODIA?
    If u could provide the pictures also whould be much better.

    2-Model: Camary
    Series: 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003
    Price:…………….? Import duty……$?
    How you can export to end user at CAMBODIA?
    If u could provide the pictures also whould be much better.

    Thank you very much,
    Kind Regars,
    Johny Thou

    Siem Reap, Cambodia


    • Thanks, Mr. Siem.
      All right hand drive from Japan.
      If 2003 model, easy to secure in Japan in my case.
      I meand 2003 and up models.

      Final dis charge POrt, Laem Chabanng, Thailand.
      You will arrange inland trasnport from Laem chabang to Canbodia.

      I export used trucks to Laos, then the final dis charge POrt is
      laem Chabang, Thailand.

      YOu will answer back to me if right hand drive CRV is OK to you or not.

      Kazuo KUroyanagi


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