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2004 NRR32 isuzu juston crane boom isuzu forward 2000 FRR 33 35 truck for sale in japan tipper dump trucks

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1998 isuzu forward crane boom truck 6mt 8,220cc diesel 190,000kms around.

1998 isuzu forward frr33 crane boom truck for sale in japan


isuzu forward frr 33 crane boom truck for sale japan


frr 33 isuzu crane boom truck for sale in japan




2005 isuzu forward 7,200cc deisel 6mt 87,000km around.

Good working conditions,

isuzu forward frr35 crane boom truck japan

frr35 isuzu forward crane boom truck



2003 isuzu forward frr 35  7.200 diesel Engine:6HL1 57,000km around.

crane boom trucks>

Sales point;57,000km around, but this is not cheap though. model FRR35 4 ton crane boom truck.

May be not appropriate for export  bound sale., reasoning that the kms is too short to sell toyou.


57,000km around, so pretty outer surface is good conditions.


Engine is pretty brisky conditions.

MT 57,000km around.
Not export bond Ha! kms too short.


That”s Kazuo Kuroyanaig
Jack of all trades. Burma ruby professional, sushi sushi sheff professional


MT house for sale usd 60,000.-






2000 isuzu forward mT crane boom truck  53,000km around.?(DO NOT WIND UP ,JAP!)

(Even if wound up, I can right away real meter whenever see the engine).

4 stage boom





2002 isuzu forward 7.2 diesel MT 113,000km around. with power gate. The model:FRR35. good working condition.

All gear shifts smooth operations. The drive shaft good. Diesel injector–good

Kazuo Kuroyanagi is much mechanical oriented used car exporter, so any quetions fine to me.

Each auction condition report is not necessary to me, reasoning that I inspect it all by myself:I ncer ever care each grade point.



1992 used isuzu juston 4.0 ton tipper(3.25 ton max) MT,

7100cc diesel  E/G:6HE1. 441,000km around. good working condition.


clutch–OK. the drive shaft–good. NO oil leaks





1993 Isuzu forward juston dump truck tipper 220,000km around.

model:NRR32CD 7,100cc diesel. good working condition.

1993 isuzu forward juston dump truck tipper NRR32CD 7.1 diesel for sale in japan 220k


1993 isuzu forward juston dump truck tipper NRR32CD 7.1 diesel for sale in japan 220k-1


1993 isuzu forward juston dump truck tipper NRR32CD 7.1 diesel for sale in japan 220k-2



2002 isuzu juston 4t tipper MT7 7,200cc diesel 311,000km around.

Engine,mission and clutch good working condition.

model:kk-nrr35c3 AC PS PW. Air break 190ps.

Piston rings^^good. No oil leaks. One click-- good engine start

Piston rings^^good.
No oil leaks. One click–
good engine start


drive shaft--good. Voltage--good.

drive shaft–good. Voltage–good.


Smooth gear change operation.

Smooth gear change operation.

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